Grade 7 Academic Merit Scholarships awarded


    The scholarships are awarded on the basis of each current Grade 6 student’s combined scores on the French, English and math components of the scholarship exam. Selwyn House Headmaster William Mitchell was on hand to present the scholarships, along with Director of Admission Nathalie Gervais and Elementary School Director Kathy Funamoto.

    George Perlman, who recorded the highest marks on the exam, received the Old Boys’ Association Academic Merit Scholarship, which consists of $2,500 each year as the winner advances through Grades 7-11.

    Old Boys’ Association board member Raymond Ayas ’95 was on hand to present the Old Boys’ award and explain to the Grade 6 students what the “network of friendship” called the Old Boys’ Association is all about.

    “We stay together,” he said, “not only to help the school financially, but to help protect and advise the school. We want you to be part of us when you graduate.”

    For achieving the second-highest score on the exam, Ulysses Alexander Pamel received the Aditya Pathak Merit Scholarship, awarded in memory of a Grade 9 student who died in a tragic accident in 2003. At the time of Addy’s death, Headmaster Will Mitchell described him as “an excellent student, admired by both his teachers and classmates for his work ethic and intelligence.” This scholarship, which consists of $1,000 per year for five years, was presented by Asha Pathak, Addy’s mother.

    For placing third and fourth on the exam, Stephen Baxter and Jason Miller each received the Selwyn House Academic Merit Scholarship, also worth $1,000 per year for five years.