Parent-Student Handbook

Health & Safety Guidelines

Guiding Principles 

  • The health and safety of our students, faculty, staff, and community is our highest priority. This includes physical, emotional, and psychological safety.
  • We will prioritize learning to ensure the highest quality of education for all students, regardless of delivery modality (in person or online).
  • We will conform with the directives of the Ministry of Education and Public Health Authorities of Quebec.
  • We will provide all of our school activities and services, modifying them as necessary.
  • We will communicate in a regular and timely manner with all of our constituents regarding policies and changes.

Health and Safety Protocols

Our health and safety protocols are based on
  • Physical distancing
  • Hand-hygiene
  • Masks
  • Protocols of movement within the school and use of shared spaces
  • Additional cleaning and disinfection of all classrooms and offices
  • Education, reminders, and guidance to all constituents of the importance of these controls
MEES Guidelines and Schedules
In accordance with directives from the Ministry of Education, each class will be a fixed group. There must always be two metres physical distance around adults.

During the day, students will, for the majority of their time, remain in their assigned classrooms and teachers will move to these classes. We will have entry and exit doors assigned by grade and staggered recess times.

Note that we will review and update our policies as new information becomes available.

Any person at the school (students, parents, faculty, staff, visitors, outside contactors) is required to abide by the rules and guidelines outlined here.

The latest letter on health & safety protocols from the Headmaster is here. The chart below is a useful tool for all our families and faculty. It was received from Public Health on April 15, 2021. 

List of 16 items.

  • Symptoms or Diagnosis of COVID-19

    Any student or adult with symptoms or a positive diagnosis of COVID-19 must not be at school. This person or the parents of this student must call 1-877-644-4545 to obtain instructions from health authorities.

    Public health authorities will inform the school if there is a positive case, at which point we will inform all parents and follow their directives. 

    This link provides information about symptoms of Covid-19
  • Social Distancing & Hand Hygiene

    Social distancing and hand hygiene are fundamental to a healthy environment. 

    Sinks and soap are in every Elementary School classroom. Frequent hand washing with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds limits the risk of transmission of viruses. This is especially important upon arrival in the morning, before and after eating, after handling shared items or objects that are touched frequently, and before departure at the end of the day.
  • Masks

    The Selwyn House policy is that all students from Grades 1 through 11, and all adults, wear masks in the school, including in classrooms and outdoors at recess times. We strongly encourage students in Maternelle to also wear masks.

    Masks must be worn at drop off and dismissal as multiple grades are coming and going and there are many instances that the boys are closer than one metre in mixed groups.  

    Two procedural masks are provided each day to all students and faculty.
  • Sanitizer & Access to the School

    Hand sanitizer will be placed at every entry and throughout the school. It should be used upon entry.

    Students must use only the door(s) specified for their grade. We are asking parents to respect the entry times listed below.
  • Arrival and Dismissal

    If a student absolutely must arrive at school before these times or, in exceptional circumstances cannot leave promptly, he must wait in Coristine Hall. There will be no breakfast service, but students may bring their own food. Students must sit two metres apart, and there will be a teacher on duty.

    If a student must arrive after the start of classes, Maternelle through Grade 8 students should use the Lucas front door and proceed to check in with their division. Students in Senior School should use the Macaulay front door and report to Ms. Wong. 

    At the end of the day, we need parents to pick students up promptly at the indicated times. Students who walk home on their own should leave the school buildings and grounds promptly.
  • Elementary After-School Program

    The ASP program will be offered to a limited number of students at the beginning of the school year for those families needing after-school care. The program will begin on Thursday, September 3. For the moment, clubs will not be offered, but as we ease into the year, clubs may be added. Please contact Emma Pulice for further information. (pulicee@selwyn.ca, 514-931-9481 ext. 2236) 
  • Middle School Focus Program

    The Focus program will be offered to a limited number of students beginning on Tuesday, September 8. This program provides homework and organizational support for students in Middle School. 
  • Student Uniforms

    Students will wear Selwyn House phys-ed uniforms until further notice. This includes SHS shorts, sweatpants, athletic t-shirts, sweatshirts, and running shoes. This allows for comfortable clothing for outdoor classes and midday body-break exercises, and ensures that clothes can be laundered daily.
  • Additions to the School Supply List

    1. While there will be sanitizer stations around the school, you may wish to supply your son with small sanitizer bottles. There is a sink in every Elementary School classroom for students to wash their hands with soap and water.

    2. A pair of headphones with a 3.5mm plug (not wireless).

    3. Students must have their own water bottle.

    4. You may wish to send extra SHS sports attire, particularly for younger students or on days when the weather is not nice. 
  • Lockers

    Students will not have access to lockers for the time being. We will provide controlled access to lockers once the weather turns colder and there is a need for outerwear. 
  • Visitors and Parent Access

    For health and safety reasons, there will be no visitor or parent access in the school. All parents and visitors must report to the front office in the Lucas Building if they wish to deliver or drop something off. 

    Any visitors or workers in the school (i.e. those who are not employees or students) must sign a waiver upon entry and wear a mask.

    The Argyle Shop is currently closed please visit out Online Argyle Shop for orders.
  • Meetings with Teachers and School Personnel

    For now, we encourage telephone or Zoom meetings with teachers or school personnel.
  • Emotional and Psychological Support

    The social and emotional well-being of our students is a priority, and is foundational to academic success.

    We will be providing reintegration programming for students and teachers. Our school counselor, Ms. Carissa Springer, and Dr. Ada Sinacore, our counseling consultant, will be providing support for students and teachers.

    We encourage parents to reach out if they have any concerns about their sons' adjustment to school or their stress level. We also encourage students themselves to speak to any teacher, administrator, or counselor and be open about any concerns and worries they may have. 

  • Learning Continuity

    To ensure the closed classroom and protocols required by the ministry, there have been some minor adjustments to the Middle and Senior School curriculum. Students will be informed of these adjustments on the first day of classes. If you would like more information in advance, you can contact Ms. Brenda Montgomery, Director of Academic Innovation & Growth (montgomeryb@selwyn.ca).

    In the event that the Ministry of Education closes schools for health reasons, the schedule for online learning in each division is prepared and will be shared once we have been informed of the closure. This schedule will require students to follow classes.

    Should this need arise, student attendance in online classes is mandatory unless they are ill. Students will be asked to follow our online etiquette protocol which will be shared with the online schedule.
  • Student Absences

    We expect considerable precautionary absenteeism this year, and our teachers are committed to ensuring that students at home continue to receive instruction and materials that are grade-level appropriate in order for them to progress in their learning. This material may include videos, class notes, handouts, and homework assignments delivered through OnCampus or SeeSaw. Teachers will also communicate via email. Some teachers may provide Zoom links or recordings of classes, depending on the class activities.
  • Air Quality

Adjustments to School Life

Because of social distancing requirements, there will be some adjustments to our school practices.

List of 5 items.

  • Fixed Classrooms

    Students are required to remain in their classroom, and teachers will move to them. This is not very different for Elementary and Middle School, but it will be an adjustment for Senior School students. In all cases, students will eat lunch in their classrooms. We will provide “body break” activities throughout the day, as well as recesses. 
  • Recess

    Recess will be staggered between the grades, with each grade given a designated outdoor space.
  • Lunch Service

    Lunches will be delivered to the classrooms. The menu will be posted on our website. Students will eat in their classroom under teacher supervision.
  • Assemblies and Student Life

    The Student Life team will continue to provide programming,  although our assemblies will be virtual until further notice.
  • Athletics

    Our physical education and athletic program will be modified to ensure compliance with the closed-classroom protocol and physical distancing requirements of the Ministry of Education.

    In all situations, we will comply with physical distancing guidelines, ensure a high degree of cleanliness, and prioritize the health and safety of our athletes.


Reminders and new information about health and safety regulations will be included in every Thursday update emailed to parents in each division.

For further information or clarification, you are welcome to contact these members of the Senior Administration Team.

Mr. Michael Downey, Headmaster
Ms. Brenda Montgomery, Director of Academic Innovation & Growth
Ms. Matilde Codina, CFO
Ms. Kathy Funamoto, Head of Elementary School
Mr. Sebastien Lajoie, Head of Middle School
Mr. Neil Banerjee, Head of Senior School
Mr. Mike Maurovich, Director of Athletics
Ms. Nathalie Gervais, Director of Admissions
Mr. JP Trudeau, Director of Technology
Ms. Courtney Prieur, Director of Experiential Education