Middle School

MS Interest Courses

Board Games and Kahoot
Students will be introduced to a variety of different board games (Pictionary, Apples to Apples, Cranium, etc.) and card games (Cribbage, UNO, Crazy Eights, Hearts, etc.). Plenty of time will be given to play each game in teams. This will be an opportunity for students to learn new games, get re-acquainted with some old classics, and maybe even make up some games of their own.
Creative writing
Students may explore one of several categories of creative writing. Students in playwriting would hone their skills at writing dialogues and short plays on a variety of topics. Those that are interested might perform these short pieces at Tuesday assembly. The course may focus any forms of poetry ranging from contemporary rap to limericks to haiku to free verse. The short story is a wonderful form of fiction, and this is an opportunity to both read and appreciate the genre and to engage in writing your own short story. The poems and stories created can be submitted to various competitions if you are interested.
DJ Club
This is for students interested in learning the art of beat-matching, mixing and scratching.  We will learn about the history of DJing and get hands on experience using the a variety of digital and analog DJ setups.  There will be a focus on musical structure, rhythm and timing so the boys will walk away creating mixes that flow seamlessly from song to song.  In today's digital world there are a number of setups you may encounter.  We will work with turntables and traditional vinyl records, and CDJs that can play CDs, digital files or control software programs such as Traktor and Serato.  By the end of the course the students should feel comfortable on any system they encounter in the real world.

Explore Science
Take your knowledge and understanding of science to the next level with fun, hands-on experiments and activities.

Génies en herbe
Devenez "Herbogéniste" joueur de Génies en herbe! Ce jeu-questionnaire vous permet de mettre à l'épreuve vos connaissances générales et votre rapidité d'esprit! Mesurez-vous à d'autres dans des compétitions amicales et qui sait, peut-être plus avancées!

Glee Club: Singing pop and rock songs with karaoke background music
Students do not need any vocal experience to join this ECA but must want to learn how to sing properly. Students will learn proper vocal techniques and warm-ups to help them develop a good singing voice and be able to sing in tune. At the start of the session, the students will have to select a couple of songs they want to sing and will spend their time learning and rehearsing these songs as a vocal ensemble.
Guitar Club
This option is open to all students regardless whether they have a guitar or not and regardless if they have ever played guitar before. This option can accommodate 4 electric guitarists and 4 electric bassists; sign up is on a first come first served basis. Students will learn basic techniques, how to read guitar/bass TAB, how to play easy songs and will eventually start jamming together as a group. More advanced students will learn more difficult music of their choice.
Knitting Club
Yes, you read correctly. Students will learn how to knit their own scarf, cap, socks and mittens.
Middle School Play and Improv
Collaborate with a cast and crew to rehearse and perform the Middle School play. In this course, students will develop your ability to be in the moment and act spontaneously by playing games and completing exercises in improv.
Model Building
In this ECA, students from both grades will build models and dioramas. Prepared kits are welcome, but creative use of different material is encouraged (balsa wood, Plasticine, wire, found objects, etc.). Students may find it worthwhile to enrich their learning of history by reconstructing famous scenes, buildings or monuments.
In this course, students work with Canon DSLR cameras to learn what makes a good photo. We begin with safe handling of the equipment, composition and some of the basic rules of photography. We then focus (pun intended) on Shutter Speed, Aperture, and ISO to learn how to use different camera modes for different photographic situations. Each week, students are given a photo assignment and must properly save their digital photos onto the media server. The best photos are selected for inclusion in the yearbook. Students might also explore black and white film processing and darkroom printing.
Students will build Vex and/or Lego robotics. These robots will compete in speed, power, and steering contests near the end of the course. No experience is needed.
Do you like being able to say, "I made this!"? Then, sewing is for you! You will learn to use a sewing machine to create a pencil case and/or a school tie. You will also learn important life skills like how to hem pants and replace a missing button.
The yearbook interest course is for students who may be interested in participating in the yearbook committee in the senior school. Here they learn the terminology, different roles, project deadlines, how to select a good photo as well as the software to design pages in the yearbook. Students in the interest course will have decisions to make about what is important to middle school, what we should include and exclude and will then design the middle school sections of this year's yearbook.