Why a Boys' School?

Nicholas Johnson, the importance of the French Language

At Selwyn House School, your son has the benefit of a boys-only education and the advantages of a small-school environment, with limited class sizes and attentive and caring teachers.

An all-boys school provides advantages for your son that he may not experience in a coeducational environment. Some of these benefits include:

1. There are learning differences between boys and girls. Faculty members in a boys-only school are more aware of these differences and cater to your son’s learning style.

2. Teachers can focus on teaching strategies that are known to be better for boys.

3. The curriculum is developed for boys, their learning goals, and their interests.

4. A number of recent studies indicate that single-gender activities raise academic achievement.

5. At an all-boys school, boys have the opportunity to participate in all disciplines: art, music, drama, community service, science, mathematics, and languages.

6. Selwyn House School’s compulsory physical education program provides opportunities for boys to participate in a variety of athletic activities while emphasizing and promoting good sportsmanship.

7. Boys are allowed the space to grow and mature at their own pace. We help them to mature into independent, responsible, respectful, and confident young men.

8. Female faculty members foster positive, respectful attitudes toward women.

9. A lifelong camaraderie develops among the students.

10. Boys do not have to fit into just one role. They are free to explore their aptitudes, talents, and interests all at the same time without being stereotyped.


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