Calendrier Sport

Juvenile Football Fall 2022

Coach Lukca
June 2022
Dear Gryphon Football Players,
The coaching staff and I would like to take the time to wish you well this summer. Enjoy the sun,
warm weather and take advantage of all the new experiences you will have. We are looking forward to
watching you all play with passion, show your Gryphon Pride and write your own page in the history
books during the 2022-2023 academic year.
Let’s get ready for football. This coming Fall, you will have a chance to play for either the regional
or the Provincial championship. An opportunity that has not been around for a few years. Selwyn House
competes in Division 3, RSEQ Lac St-Louis. This year there are 11 teams in our league. The regular season
is 9 weeks long, plus 3 weeks of playoffs. We have 1 exhibition game, an 8 game season with 1 bye week,
and possibly 3 playoff games for a total of 12 football games. Training camp begins on August 15th at
10:15 am, our first league game will be Friday, September 2nd vs Calixa Lavallee High School, and the
Championship is the weekend of November 18th. It’s a long season. Be sure to get your mind and body
right for training camp and for the challenges that the season will provide.
As young athletes, it is important to maintain a strong and healthy body throughout the year. I
firmly believe your focus should be on being faster and more explosive. A healthy body will allow you to
overcome the grind of training camp and find success throughout the entire season. Aim to work out
two or three times a week. This includes sprint and cardio training. If a weight room is unavailable to
you, body work exercises are just as effective and you will benefit from jogging, running sprints and
working your core. If you have any questions about working out please contact Coach Oliver Maurovich
at maurovicho@selwyn.ca, Coach Lenny Dion at dionl@selwyn.ca or myself at lukcaa@selwyn.ca. At the
beginning of Training camp, we will test the 300 yard Shuttle. (6*50 yards, 1 minute break, do 3 times).
The 300 yards should be covered in under 60 seconds. All other physical tests (ex: Bench Press) can be
done if requested by individual players.
This year, part of the training camp will be held at Bishop’s University. We will leave the morning
of August 16th and return on the evening of the 19th. We expect you to report to training camp on
Monday August 15th, at 10:15 am, in the Macaulay Building. We will spend the day doing the impact
test, handing out equipment, in meetings, testing and we will finish it off with a short practice and
possibly a pizza dinner. Expect this day to finish around 5 pm. The following 4 days are currently planned
as our Bishops Camp.
Your journey as a 2022 Gryphon Juvenile Football player is about to begin.
“One team – One heartbeat”