Les Gentils Griffons complete the circle of friendship

On Feb. 5, Selwyn House Grade 3 teacher Sonya Jean took Les Gentils Griffons, a group of students from Grades 4-6 who participate in charitable activities, to the Friendship Circle to engage with students of the same age from Giant Steps School.
Giant Steps, located in NDG, is a subsidized private school that caters to the needs of young people with autism spectrum disorders. Friendship Circle, in Cote des Neiges, is a center for Individuals with a disability and individuals without a disability to come together and create friendship and inclusion and break down the barriers that society has created.

“We do so by pairing a volunteer along with a participant at our programs…and have fun activities that help facilitate real connections and help friendship blossom,” explains Mushka, a spokesperson for Friendship Circle. “Students learn to embrace and engage with peers they may have never had the chance to do so with. They will get to learn how to see others with open eyes and open loving hearts. There will be warm friendships that will start to sprout and I hope these lessons will stay with your students.”

The day began with team building activities and ended with a lunch of pizza the student teams made themselves.