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    Welcome - Bienvenue

    Thank you for your interest in Selwyn House School. Prospective families often describe our admission process as caring, personal and very welcoming. I invite you to come for a tour and experience the vitality of our community. I hope that by visiting our beautiful facilities, you will get a real sense of our outstanding programs, our students’ energy and enthusiasm, our dedicated faculty and our involved parents.

    We believe in the potential of boys. We seek students who strive for excellence in all facets of school life and who have a passion for learning. We offer your sons diverse academic, artistic and athletic opportunities in a structured, yet warm, environment in which they are supported and challenged.

    Come for a visit! I look forward to meeting you.

    Je vous remercie de votre intérêt envers l’École Selwyn House. Les familles de nos candidats décrivent souvent notre processus d’admission comme étant bienveillant, personnel et très accueillant. Je vous invite à nous visiter et à constater la vitalité de notre communauté. J’espère qu’en visitant notre bel établissement, vous aurez une idée encore meilleure de nos programmes éducatifs exceptionnels, de l’énergie et de l’enthousiasme de nos élèves, du dévouement de nos enseignants et de l’engagement de nos parents.
    Nous croyons au potentiel de nos garçons. Nous recherchons des élèves qui visent l’excellence dans tous les aspects de la vie scolaire et qui se passionnent pour leurs études. Nous offrons à vos fils diverses options académiques, artistiques et sportives, dans un milieu à la fois structuré et chaleureux où ils sont encouragés et mis au défi.
    Venez visiter notre école. J’ai hâte de vous rencontrer!

    Nathalie Gervais
    Director of Admissions/Directrice des admissions
    Tel.: 514.931.2775
    Application Process
    To receive a full information and application package, please inquire online . To apply, please follow the application steps.

    Veuillez suivre les étapes suivantes pour présenter une demande d’admission. Vous pouvez également obtenir plus de renseignements en ligne.
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q. According to the students, why do they like our all-boys' school?
    "It’s fun to have only boys because we can have more friends and we can talk about our stuff like sports and video games . Also, boys and girls learn in different ways. Our teachers understand that we need to move around. Besides, girls can be bossy and annoying." Grade 4 students
    "It’s cool because we don’t have to act and look perfect, we can just be guys." Grade 8 students
    "When there are only boys around, you feel more confident to make mistakes. And you don’t have to do anything to impress the girls, you can just be yourself." Grade 11 students

    Q. How much Physical Education is taught?
    Phys. Ed. is taught three times a week, in 40-minute periods for Kindergarten to Grade 2 students and in 80-minute periods for Grades 3 to 6. In Grades 7 and 8, Phys. Ed. is taught seven times per 10-day cycle, in 75-minute periods, and in Grades 9 to 11 it is taught six times per 10-day cycle, in 90-minute periods.

    Are teachers in the primary school both men and women or is it predominantly single gendered?
    The ratio of men to women in our primary school is 1:2. That is, about one-third of our elementary faculty are men. Typically, every elementary grade, except Kindergarten, has one male teacher and two female teachers.

    Q. Does Selwyn House School have bus transportation?
    Yes. In a joint partnership with other QAIS schools, Selwyn House School has two school bus routes in Ile-des-Soeurs and the West Island. Two buses service the West Island communities of Beaconsfield, Kirkland, and Dollard-des-Ormeaux. There is also a new bus stop near IKEA to service the community of Nouveau St-Laurent. The West Island bus also transports students to The Study, ECS, Sacred Heart, Trafalgar, St. George's and Centennial Academy.
    Another bus services the community of Ile-des-Soeurs, and transports students to ECS, The Study, and St. George's.
    Both bus services offer one morning pick-up and two afternoon drop-offs from the school (with the first bus leaving at 3:35-3:40 pm and the late bus leaving at 5:00 pm). If you would like detailed information about specific stops or bus fees, please contact Ms. Marsha Warmuth of the Admission Office at 514.931.2775.

    How much French is taught?
    70% French immersion in Grades K-2, 50% French immersion in Gr.3-6 and 1 core subject (plus French)  in Gr.7-11.

    Q. How does the school communicate with parents at home?
    Current parents tell us that we have the best communication around! We involve our parents in all details of our students’ lives. If there is any issue, big or small, parents take an active part in the resolution of any and all situations.
    Parents of Elementary School students use their son's agenda to communicate with the teacher, in addition to email or telephone. Parents of Middle and Senior School students can reach their son's teachers via email and telephone. Additionally, parents are given a username and password on Netclassroom to access their son's grades, report cards, and assignment deadlines.
    The school's website also contains a wealth of information about scheduling and upcoming events, and parent bulletins are posted weekly with reminders sent by email.

    Q. How will Selwyn House assist my son's transition into the school in September?
    If your son is entering Grades K-6, the parents will be assigned a parent buddy who will contact them in May or June, and then again in August.  Often, parents will decide to have the current and new boys meet over the summer. If the student is entering Grades 7-11, he will be assigned a Selwyn House student, in the same grade level, to answer his questions.

    Q. How will my son be assigned to a House?
    Houses are assigned randomly and evenly in early June, unless his father or brother attends/attended SHS. In this case, he will be put in the same house.
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