Teacher Advisory Groups (TAG)


    The goal of the program Teacher Advisory Groups (TAG) is to provide an opportunity for students and mentors to foster positive relationships with each other. Any issues regarding school life—academic, social, or otherwise—can be discussed in a safe and caring environment. We hope that this will result in an overall happier school community.

    TAG is organized in the Middle School and in the Senior School by houses. Each TAG group has between seven and nine students and one faculty member. This allows the faculty member to learn about each student and monitor his academic progress and social growth. The groups are organized across grades so that a Middle School group will have Grade 7 and Grade 8 students and Senior School groups have students from Grade 9 and 10. The TAG groups stay with the same advisor for two years, which creates leadership opportunities for older students.

    TAG is scheduled daily for 20 minutes. Twice a week, students meet with TAG advisors. Mr. Hannaford organizes a weekly TAG assembly on Tuesday for Middle School and Wednesday for Senior School. Friday's are TAG flextime. There may be meetings, recess, or time to meet with teachers.

    Grade 11 students assemble weekly as a group.