Dean of Students

Minna Shulman
Job Title: Dean of Students
Job Description: To ensure all are Known and Loved
Selwyn House strives to be a relational school and community for all our students, families and faculty. The role of the Dean of Students is to pay attention to the needs and desires of our community and to work with all constituents to make sure that the emotional and psychological needs of the community are being met. 
Working closely with all faculty and especially the Heads of Schools and The SHS Learning Strategists, Minna, the Dean of Students, provides counselling, support, information and referrals.
Minna works with our students from K-11 in a variety of capacities and runs the SHS Big Brother Program and the SHS Grad Weekend each year. She is also one of the Grade 11 TAG advisors and has a special Twizzler Tuesday session for the Middle School students.
For the last several years, Minna has also been actively involved in the IBSC (the International Coalition of Boys' Schools) as a member of the IBSC Board of Trustees and as the head of the research committee focused on such projects as relational teaching, frameworks for character education, mastery in teaching boys, situation judgement assessments for faculty, and now working to develop strong sexual citizenship curriculum.
Selwyn House hosted our first IBSC regional conference in May 2017 on Enhancing Boys' Lives Through the Arts. A video montage is below, as is a copy of the conference program. In the summer of 2019, Selwyn House will host the annual international conference of the IBSC and expects to welcome over 600 delegates to explore the art of healing and the healing of the arts in boys’ lives.

Recent Special Programs

  • Expert Student Panels on Sibling Rivalry, Anxiety, and Raising Adolescents
  • Parent Education on Managing the Perils of Life On Line
  • The Dolphin Parent with Dr. Shimi Kang
  • Art with Impact/ Using film to learn and share information on mental health issues
  • Jason Funican on Reducing Stigma of Mental Health Issues 
  • The SHS Big Brother Program with over 80 participants 
  • Enhancing Boys' Lives Through the Arts/an IBSC Regional Conference
  • Promoting Sexual Citizenship/Curriculum Development with Dr. Ada Sinacore
  • Communications and Policy Development Workshops with Dr. Ada Sinacore

How Can I Help?

I’m just a phone call or an email away.
I’m here to help the Selwyn community of students, parents and faculty.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Minna Shulman
Dean of Students
514-931-9481 ext 2226