Experiential Education

Indigenous Student Committee

What is the ISC?

In 2019, Indigenous students at Selwyn House came together informally to connect, support one another and talk about what matters to them. With the support of Mr. Deegan and Ms. Prieur, the group has developed ideas and goals that it feels are important to recognize and share with the school community. Their first idea was to create awareness about the significance of Orange Shirt Day and to teach us all about the devastating effects of residential schools in Canada. The boys created a powerful video that was shared widely and sold orange shirts in the hopes that the truth of our nation’s past would be discussed and discovered. 

The goal of the ISC in the 2021-22 school year is to develop a meaningful land acknowledgment for the school community. The boys meet bi-weekly to discuss ideas and create new initiatives in alignment with the indigenization process.  

Truth and Reconciliation Week

September 30 is the national day for truth and reconciliation in Canada. It is a day to recognize the suffering of Indigenous communities brought about by the Indian residential school system, an institution that has been labelled a cultural genocide. The Indigenous Student Committee of Selwyn House sold orange t-shirts throughout the school as a fundraiser for Step by Step, a child and family center in Kahnawake. Over $1000 was donate to the organization to support family programs.