Student Life

Charlie McLernon, Head Prefect

As your 2018-2019 prefects, we have developed three guiding principles that we will use to focus our actions throughout the year. Primarily, we believe in a culture of brotherhood. This will help us to make sure we remain focused on strengthening inter-grade relations. Next, we embrace an inclusive community because everyone has value, and we plan to implement this by strengthening clubs and groups that promote inclusivity. Lastly, we owe it to each other to create a respectful and responsible Selwyn House School experience. We commit to ensuring that this happens by strengthening a positive relationship between students and teachers.

Student Life News

Leadership and community service

At Selwyn House, Senior School students are increasingly asked to take responsibilities for planning events like their Winter Carnival. If things don’t go as planned, that, too, is a lesson learned. It doesn’t have to be perfect. That’s all part of the experience.

The goal should be service learning, rather than simply community service. Not only to teach civic responsibility and promote a sense of community, but to enrich a student’s learning experience.

Service needs to be an exchange, a reciprocal relationship. It’s all about helping students learn about themselves and develop real-life skills from experience.

Furthermore, these activities have to be undertaken for their own reward, and not merely to fill an academic requirement. Students start by building their CVs, and somewhere along the line they catch on and find their passion.