Headmaster's Vision

Hal Hannaford - Headmaster

At Selwyn House our objective is to prepare boys to lead balanced and productive personal and professional lives. We know boys. Their potential, energy, dedication and passion are all celebrated; at Selwyn House we take advantage of being able to focus on best practice for boys.

Nous offrons un programme de formation générale à la fois chargé, sans toutefois être rigide, stimulant et approprié, tout en faisant parallèlement preuve d’une grande souplesse. Nous tentons de constamment maintenir un équilibre entre les études, l’athlétisme, les arts, la croissance sociale, et le développement spirituel et affectif. Dans notre milieu biculturel, nous nous efforçons aussi de viser la billitératie.

The culture is one of excellence in all areas and this ideal is clearly demonstrated each and every day by our wonderful faculty. I marvel at their passion and their dedication. They are true professionals and together with our students and their parents, they forge strong relationships – relationships we refer to as the triangle of commitments.

In 2008, Selwyn House celebrated its 100-year anniversary, proud to be at the forefront of education in Canada and equally excited about our future. A Selwyn House graduate is a young man who cares. He is prepared academically, he is a life-long learner, and he has developed a true sense of self-awareness.

Nous croyons que nous pouvons amener votre fils à relever les défis du 21e siècle et à apporter une contribution importante et précieuse à la société.

I encourage you to visit our school and to discover for yourself the unique qualities of the Selwyn House experience. It remains impressive.

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