English Language Eligibility

What is a Certificate of Eligibility?

A Certificate of Eligibility for English Language Education (Déclaration d’admissibilité à l’enseignement en anglais) is a Quebec-government issued document allowing a child to attend a subsidized English Elementary or Secondary school. It is not required for post-secondary education.

Who Needs a Certificate of Eligibility?

All students who attend government-subsidized English schools in Quebec need a Certificate of Eligibility.  Selwyn House School is subsidized at the secondary school level only, so students in Grades 7 to 11 require this document on file. Students in Kindergarten to Grade 6 do not need eligibility to attend the Elementary School at Selwyn House.

Who can receive a Certificate of Eligibility?

  • A child who has a least one Canadian parent who attended an Elementary School in English in Canada
  • A foreign student who is in Quebec on a temporary stay (parent’s work permit or study permit)
  • A child with at least one Canadian parent, who qualifies under Bill 115
A child of Canadian parents who did not attend English Elementary School may still be eligible for English language education. Please contact the Selwyn House School Admissions Office at warmuthm@selwyn.ca or 514.931.2775 for more information.

Bill 115

Bill 115 permits the Quebec Ministry of Education to determine a student’s eligibility based on a grid, whereby an applicant accumulates or loses points based on several factors. A student must accumulate 15 points to receive a Certificate of Eligibility.

Students accumulate or lose points based on the number of years they have attended English or French schools, with 15 points awarded to students who have attended three or four years in an English Elementary School. Students also accumulate or lose points depending upon where their siblings went to school.

The Bill 115 point system is complex, and a complete calculation of a student’s eligibility should be made by contacting the Selwyn House School Admissions Office at warmuthm@selwyn.ca or 514.931.2775.


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