Educational Philosophy

Selwyn House School,  an independent boys' school, provides students with an education of exceptional depth and scope. 

The School fosters academic excellence through an enriched curriculum, the development of critical and creative thinking, and the ability to communicate ideas well. We strive to instill in our students an intellectual curiosity and a lifelong commitment to learning. 

Dedicated, energetic staff teach our courses, coach our teams, supervise our activities, and communicate openly and regularly with parents. Our programs challenge boys mentally and physically, while stressing a respect for honesty and fair play, and a tolerance of the ideas of others.

Selwyn House School supports its students and staff, and rewards their efforts as well as their achievements. Our community is one in which students can build confidence and self-discipline, appreciate their responsibilities to others and themselves, and find joy in learning. 

Our goals are that students will acquire positive attitudes to scholarship and recreation, learn clarity of thinking and self-expression, and guide themselves with a high degree of personal integrity.


Selwyn House School is a CEGEP/university preparatory school that enables boys to be respectful, resilient and hard-working young men who pursue fulfilled, balanced, and purposeful lives anchored by Selwyn Veritas through a compassionate and supportive environment guided by passionate teachers, and academic and program excellence grounded in both English and French language and culture.


We teach boys to become accomplished young men in an inclusive and highly relational learning community. Our students will be true to themselves, to others, to their school, and to the world – Selwyn Veritas.

Educational Philosophy

We want our students to be respectful, resilient and hard-working young men who pursue fulfilled, balanced, and purposeful lives anchored by Selwyn Veritas. We are committed to: 

° The guarantee that each boy will be known and loved
Boys’ learning should be based on relationships, responsibility, and purpose. We want our students to know they belong to a caring and relational community whose members understand each other and grow together. 

° An excellent educational experience that promotes reflection and growth as lifelong habits 
Boys need to play and experiment with their learning individually and together in their teams. We want our boys to venture into uncharted areas and disciplines with the confidence to explore, challenge, and innovate without worrying about the limitations of failure.

° The milieu of our community 
Our languages and cultures are important to us. We want our boys to embrace the heritage of Montreal and Quebec, while preparing to engage with Canada and the world throughout their lives.