Parent-Student Handbook

This handbook is designed to inform parents and students of Kindergarten to Grade 11 on the policies and guidelines for Selwyn House School. A printable version of the Parent-Student Handbook is available here

The Pre-U Handbook for parents and students of the Grade 12 (Pre-University) program at Selwyn House School is available here. 

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  • Accident Insurance Policy

    This policy cost is a part of school fees. Policy details will be emailed home in September. Parents should  contact the school within 24 hours after an accident to be certain that the appropriate forms are filled out  before the insurance company deadline.

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  • After School Programs

    Selwyn House has three options in the After-School Program for the Elementary School.  
    Option #1: The Extended-Day Program runs from 3:25 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and includes a snack, an extracurricular activity every day, homework supervision, and a structured recreational period. This program  is available for Kindergarten to Grade 4 students. 
    Option #2: The Grades 1-6 Homework Supervision includes a snack and runs from 3:25 p.m. to 4:45 p.m. The  student-teacher ratio is 6 to 1.  
    Option #3: The Elementary Extracurricular Activities Program includes a snack and organized games, clubs  and activities. 
    Fees, schedules, and more specific information will be available in the first Elementary School Weekly  Mailbag (sent by email in August) and at the Front Office. 

    In Middle School, a homework supervision program called Focus is available from 2:50-5:50 p.m. Mondays to Thursdays and 3:00-4:30 p.m. on Fridays. Students can go at any time during these hours and stay as long as they wish, or parents may set up  a fixed schedule. Details regarding fees will be available in the MS Update (sent weekly to Middle School parents beginning in mid-August).

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  • Allergies

    Selwyn House Food Services makes every effort not to use nuts in any food preparation. Every effort is  made to instruct our food production staff on the severity of food allergies; however, there is always a risk of  cross-contamination. There is also the possibility that manufacturers of the commercial foods we use might  change the makeup of a product at any time and without notice. We make every effort to purchase from  companies that guarantee no nuts in their products, but most food companies now label all their products  with a disclaimer of “may contain traces of nuts” to protect themselves. 

    The question of banning particular foods in school is controversial. We live in a world contaminated  with potential allergens. Anaphylactic children must learn to avoid specific triggers. While the primary  responsibility lies with the anaphylactic child and his family to choose the right foods, we do not serve peanut  butter and other peanut/nut products in the dining room. 

    Guidelines for Anaphylactic Children
    • It is the responsibility of the anaphylactic child’s parents to inform the school of their child’s allergy; • Parents must provide up-to-date medical information; 
    • Each child should wear a MedicAlert bracelet that states his allergy and, students in Grades 2-11 must carry his EpiPen with him at all times;  
    • Staff members are instructed, at least once a year, on the use of the EpiPen; 
    • A photograph of each child, with a description of his allergy, is kept discreetly in the kitchen, Front   Office, and all assistant, teacher and physical education offices; 
    • An additional EpiPen must be provided and kept in the child’s classroom and should be brought on all   class outings, outdoor phys ed classes, team practices and games.  
    If there is an anaphylactic reaction, appropriate first aid will be administered by a certified staff member, and  parents will be notified immediately. 

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  • Argyle Shop (School Uniform and Apparel)

    The school store, The Argyle Shop, located on the gym level of the Speirs Building, supplies school uniforms  and gym clothes. The shop will be open Mondays - Thursdays from 1:00 - 2:30 p.m. for shopping by appointment only. Parents can also visit our website to book appointments or shop at our online store.

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  • Attendance

    Students must remain on school grounds during school hours unless parents notify us otherwise. The following protocols should be followed for late arrivals, absences and requests for early dismissals.

    Parents must notify the school before 8:00 a.m. when their son is going to be absent. If a parent or guardian has not notified the school on the morning of an absence, the Elementary, Middle or Senior School Assistant will telephone parents to ascertain the reason for a student’s absence.

    If lateness is foreseen, parents must notify the school before 8:00 a.m. 

    Elementary students must report to the Elementary School Assistant before joining their class. Secondary students must sign in and report to the appropriate Middle or Senior School Assistant in order to obtain a late slip with the date and time of arrival. The student is to proceed directly to class and give the late slip to the appropriate teacher. Teachers will not accept a late student into a class without a late slip. 

    A student who is late or absent can be excluded, at the discretion of the Head of School, from participating in athletic or extracurricular activities on that day.

    Early Dismissals 
    If a student is to be excused from school early, a parent must provide notice via email, phone or written note. Parents are requested to notify the school well in advance, when possible. If a student becomes ill during the day, he must report to the appropriate School Assistant or Head of School in order that he may call home before leaving. 

     • In Kindergarten to Grade 6, notice is given to the homeroom teacher, who will give it to the  Elementary School Assistant.  
     • In Grades 7&8, notice should be provided directly to the Middle School Assistant.  
     • In Grades 9-11, notice is given to the Senior School Assistant before the student signs out. After  receiving permission to leave, a Senior student must sign the “Sign-Out Book,” which is located  outside of the Senior School Assistant’s Office in the Macaulay Building, prior to leaving the school  grounds.  

    If a student is returning to school before the end of the school day, he must sign back in with the appropriate School Assistant. Regardless of the reason for the early dismissal, the student is responsible for making up any work missed. 

    Extended Absence from School 
    Although the school does not condone this practice, if a family chooses to take their son out of school, parents must notify the appropriate Head of School in writing, and well in advance of such an absence. Be advised, however, that the school’s policy is to provide schoolwork only to those students who have missed school because of illness or exceptional circumstances. Otherwise, students will be responsible for catching up on their own. Exam schedules cannot be altered. Students must write at the scheduled time. 

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  • Billing and Accounts

    Parents are billed for school fees as indicated in the Educational Services Contract. Throughout the year, parents may be billed for incidental items, such as: 
    • the cost of school trips/events; 
    • athletic fees for equipment and/or uniforms that are necessary for phys.ed. classes and school teams, as well as out-of-town trips and transportation; 
    • the charge for lost textbooks or library books and any books not returned at the end of the school year; 
    • the charge for repairs to musical instruments. 

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  • Cell Phones and Electronic Devices

    Students may use these devices when traveling to and from the school. In the Elementary and Middle Schools,  students are not permitted to use their phones at any time during the school day unless specified by a teacher for a learning activity. In the Senior School, the  students may use them outside of class time. Failure to comply with these rules may result in the device being confiscated.

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  • Change of Address, Email, and/or Telephone

    Please notify the Registrar, Ms. Kelli Poulin, immediately of any change of address, email or telephone. (514-931-9481 ext.2291,  poulink@selwyn.ca) It is extremely important that up-to-date phone numbers—where parents and students can  be reached—be given to the school. 

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  • Communication

    We encourage you to communicate with the school any time you have a question or concern. All staff members have voicemail and email, but email is the best way to initiate contact. Voicemail boxes and email addresses for faculty and staff can be found in our Staff Directory on our Contact Us page. Most matters will be resolved through early and direct contact with the teacher or coach involved with your son. If the matter is not resolved through this contact,  please communicate with the appropriate Head of School. Time-sensitive telephone messages for students may be addressed to the Front Office or School Assistants by calling 514-931-9481.

    Weekly communications from the school are emailed to parents every Thursday during the school year. These  Updates are also posted on our website under Academics. If parents are not receiving the weekly Updates  regularly, they should contact their School Assistant. 

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  • Concussion

    Although Selwyn House employs a part-time athletic therapist who will follow up on concussions, staff are trained on the following protocol: 
    • Remove the student from activity immediately and do not allow him to resume play. 
    • Monitor for worsening of symptoms every 15 to 30 minutes during the first several hours after injury.  Inform parents after the first 15 minutes. 
    • If symptoms worsen, the student should be transported to an emergency department for further evaluation. 
    • If symptoms remain stable or improve, the student can be sent home if a parent or adult caregiver is present. That person is given a list of symptoms to be aware of and that would warrant a trip to an emergency department. 
    • Place the student on physical (no sports, running, jumping, or weightlifting, for example) and cognitive (no school, studying, or video games, for example) rest to minimize stress on the brain. 
    • Have the student follow up with his physician within 24 to 48 hours for a physical examination and   symptom evaluation, as well as additional cognitive testing. 

    Resuming activity 
    Once symptoms have subsided, a student will follow a return-to-learn protocol. Once that is complete,  he may then proceed through a return-to-play protocol. This process involves gradually increasing  cognitive and physical challenges in a systematic, stepwise fashion over the course of one to three weeks.  If the student has symptoms at any time, he rests again until the symptoms stop. Then the student can  resume the protocol on the level at which he was symptom-free. 

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  • Counsellors

    College and University Advising Office
    The College and University Advisor provides comprehensive and customized guidance to meet each student's post-secondary aspirations. The  Advisor works with teachers, counsellors, learning strategists, coaches, and administrators to ensure students are selecting courses at each grade level that suit their strengths and abilities and to incorporate Academic and Career Guidance Content (ACGC) and Post-Secondary readiness workshops into the classroom.
    School Counsellor 
    School counselling services address the social-emotional & developmental needs of students by providing support and resources to students, families, and educators. The core functions of the school counsellor consist of counselling, consultation, planning and coordination, prevention, and education.

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  • Detentions

    Staff may detain boys within the hours of a typical school day for improper behaviour or unfinished work.

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  • Dress Code

    When students are in uniform, they represent the school; therefore, it is important that they maintain the dress code in its entirety whenever they are in uniform. Click HERE for the school’s dress code.

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  • Educational Services Contract

    Each May, parents will be asked to complete the Educational Services Contract for the following school year.  This contract provides parents with the school’s terms and conditions, fees and payment options.

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  • Emergency Closing

    In the event of an emergency and/or inclement weather, parents are requested to check the school website  homepage for a notification message. There will also be a recorded message on the school’s telephone system,  and whenever possible, a notification email will be sent to all parents and students, and messages will be  posted on the School’s social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram). You may also hear our school closure  message on the following radio stations and TV programs: CJAD 800 AM, CBC 88.5, The Beat 92.5 FM, Radio Circulation 730 AM, CBC 95.1 FM (French), CBC TV (RDI en Direct), CTV Montreal - Canada AM, and Global News.  

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  • Field Trips

    Field trips are part of the curriculum; they are not optional. It is important that students return consent forms  promptly, and that students take care to arrive on time, prepared for the field trip, and dressed appropriately.  There is a charge for all overnight field trips.

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  • Fire Alarm

    When the fire alarm sounds, always behave as though it is a real fire. If you are part of a class or supervised  activity, the teacher will direct you to your designated fire exit. If you are the first to reach exit doors, hold  them open until those people following you have exited. Do not talk, and do not run. Stay with your class or  group. All students are to proceed to the lawn in front of Westmount City Hall. 
    • If you are between classes when the alarm sounds, leave the building and line up with your homeroom/ core group 
    • If you are in the Dining Room when the alarm sounds, you will be directed to the nearest of three exits. 
    • If you are not with a class/group, immediately leave the building by the nearest exit and join your class.  
    • If you come upon an uncontrolled fire, report the fire to the nearest adult, and then head for the nearest exit. If you see a fire alarm signal, pull or push it to activate the alarm. Be warned that it is a serious criminal offence to initiate a false alarm.

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  • First Aid

    Injuries will be assessed by a teacher or coach. First aid care will be provided in cases of minor injuries  such as cuts and abrasions. Parents will be notified if the injury is considered to be serious, and further  arrangements will be made.  

    Parents will be informed by telephone about all injuries, except minor cuts and abrasions. It is imperative that  parents provide the school with phone numbers where they, or the designated caregiver, can be contacted in the  case of an emergency. The Registrar’s Office must be informed immediately of any changes to this information. 

    The pick-up point for injured students is the Front Office in the Lucas Building, and students will be under the  care of a responsible adult until the parent or designated caregiver arrives.

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  • Head Lice

    Parents should be aware that occasionally children will suffer from infestations of head lice or nits (eggs).  Should such an outbreak occur, the school will notify parents. Any student who contracts lice will be asked to  stay home for 24 hours, during which time an application of medicated shampoo and the removal of nits/lice  with a comb will be required.

    As a precaution, parents should occasionally inspect the scalps of their sons, and must notify the school in the  event that they discover nits or live lice. 

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  • Homework

    Homework is an integral part of the learning process and is both valuable and necessary. The amount  of homework varies from course to course and from day to day. Students are  encouraged to use weekends and evenings on which there is no assigned homework for long-term assignments  and independent review. To manage their homework, students are to use the tools provided by the school.

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  • Illegal Substances

    Students are not permitted to consume harmful substances such as recreational drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. The use of performance-enhancing drugs, such as anabolic steroids, in school athletics or for any other reason, is also prohibited. The school shall provide a smoke-free environment. Smoking and vaping is prohibited on school property, on school outings, or on any occasion when a student is in school uniform or represents the  school in any capacity. As per Quebec’s Tobacco control Act (2016), it is prohibited for anyone to smoke or vape on school premises, or to supply tobacco products to a minor on school grounds or in school buildings. Any violation of  the Tobacco control Act will result in penalties being imposed consistent with school rules. 

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  • Illness

    It is the parents’ responsibility to keep at home any child with a contagious disease that presents a risk to other children. Viruses that trigger upper respiratory tract infections (often referred to as the “common cold”) vary in severity. A child who is sneezing or has a congested and productive cough or runny nose should not return to school until these  symptoms cease. A child with a fever should not be at school. A child presenting symptoms of the Covid-19 virus should stay home from school and follow the recommended protocol as per current government guidelines. 

    We ask for parents’ cooperation in observing the periods of communicability of these illnesses for the well being of all the students. Consult your doctor or medical professional at Info Santé for guidance on how to treat and prevent spreading of common childhood illnesses. We also ask that parents advise the school of any contagious disease such as chicken  pox, measles, mumps, fifth disease, etc. so that other parents can take the appropriate measures. 

    In case of illness that presents itself during the school day, parents will be contacted by telephone and arrangements will be made to send the child home. We strongly urge parents to designate an alternate caregiver in case neither parent is  able to take the child home during business hours. The school is not equipped to provide the care, attention  and comfort measures that the ill child requires and deserves.

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  • Immunization

    Students are asked to provide evidence of immunization against the common infectious diseases. We ask  parents of students who are not immunized to notify us. We may need to make accommodations for these  students in the event of a community or school epidemic. Please consult the Government of Quebec website or speak to your doctor for the recommended Immunization Schedule. Vaccination against the Covid-19 virus is currently recommended by the Government of Quebec.

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  • Language

    Students are expected to use language which is appropriate to a civil and educational environment and which  shows respect for others, including peers. Verbal abuse, offensive and/or inappropriate language are unacceptable and will result in reconciliation, and if needed, disciplinary action. 

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  • Learning Strategists

    Learning Strategists work with students who have Student Success Plans (SSPs) and consult with staff and parents on organizational skills, work habits and academic goals.  Requests for consultation should be made through the respective Head of School.

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  • Library

    The library is open to Grades 7-11 from 8:00am to 5:00pm. Grades K-6 may use the library during school hours but may use the library after school only with a teacher's permission. The library is a place for studying, relaxing, and socialising. Books are available for a renewable two-week loan period. Students are encouraged to talk to their librarians about online research resources available to them. 

    Each student is responsible for returning the books they borrowed. Teachers and parents are informed about any outstanding overdues prior to the winter holidays, spring break, and the summer holidays. All books must be returned by the end of the year and all outstanding books will be billed. Charges will be refunded if a lost book is found and returned before the end of the school year. 

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  • Lockdown and School Shelter

    In the event of a lockdown/school shelter, an announcement will be made over the PA system announcing "Lockdown."
    • Move inside the building to the nearest rooms that can be secured. Lock all classroom doors.
    Remain there until instructed otherwise.
    • If you are in Coristine Hall, remain there and close the doors.
    • Pull shades. Keep away from windows and doors, remain quiet and follow instructions from
    staff and/or police.
    • Contact the office ONLY with vital information regarding the incident.
    • Cell phones MAY NOT BE USED by students unless communicating vital emergency information
    or receiving emergency text messages.
    • Disregard fire alarms unless otherwise informed.
    • Move on “all clear” announcement only.

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  • Locks and Lockers

    Each student in Grades 7&8 is assigned a book locker and lock, and a physical education locker room. Each  student in Grades 9-11 is assigned a book locker and lock. Grade 9-11 students playing a team sport will be  assigned a team locker and lock. If a lock is lost, a student is required to request a replacement immediately  from the Middle School Assistant (Grades 7&8), or from the office of the Athletic Director (Grades 9-11). The student will be charged for the replacement lock. 
    • All assigned lockers must be locked at all times. 
    • A student should not share his combination(s).

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  • Lost and Found

    Most lost items start out as forgotten or misplaced. Many of these items cannot be returned directly because  they are not properly identified with the owner’s name. Parents are requested to ensure that all clothing, books,  and personal items are clearly identified with the student’s name. All labelled items will be returned to the  student. Unlabelled items will be held until the end of the term, after which these items will be  donated to charity or to the Gryphon Sale (gently-used Selwyn House clothing). 

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  • Lunch

    Lunch is served in Coristine Hall and is supervised by teachers. Each day, the kitchen offers a hot meal, sandwiches, soup and salad. Vegetarian options are always available. Pork is never on the menu and all the meats are Kosher. Food delivery services (i.e. Uber Eats) are not permitted. Students are expected to behave politely, to use proper table manners, and to respect the rules of the dining room. During the lunch break, Elementary School students participate in a supervised recess period; Middle and Senior School students may  spend their break at intramurals, in the library, or in supervised areas. Students are not permitted to leave school grounds during school hours.

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  • Medical Conditions

    No child shall be excluded from the school for a medical condition that does not pose a risk to other students. It is important that the school be informed of medical conditions which may place the affected student at  risk under certain conditions. These would include allergies, asthma, cardiac disease, hemophilia, infectious  mononucleosis, leukemia, diabetes, or sickle cell anemia. 

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  • Organization of Schools

    Elementary School 
    Elementary School consists of Kindergarten to Grade 6. 
     • Band A refers to Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2 (Elementary Cycle I) 
     • Band B refers to Grade 3, Grade 4 (Elementary Cycle II) 
     • Band C refers to Grade 5, Grade 6 (Elementary Cycle III) 
    Middle School 
    Middle School consists of Grades 7 and 8 (Secondary Cycle I). 
    Senior School 
    Senior School consists of Grades 9 to 11 (Secondary Cycle II) and Grade 12 (Pre-University). 

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  • Physical Education/Athletics

    All students are required to participate in the physical education program unless certified medically unable  to do so. If, on a given day, a student has a valid reason for not participating in his athletic activity, he must  present a signed parental note or email to the instructor before the start of the period. A medical certificate  must be submitted by any student absent from class for more than three classes (at the Elementary School level) and more than three consecutive classes (for Grade 7-11 students). Athletic teams are offered in addition to Physical Education at the Elementary School level.

    All students in Grades 7-12 will have to complete The ImPACT Test before the start of the fall trimester. Read more about this baseline cognitive test here.
    Every student participating in a physical education activity must wear the appropriate attire (Selwyn House School shorts, t-shirts or practice uniforms) and proper protective equipment. Before each extended school holiday (December, March Break, and June), each student in Grades 7-11 is responsible for cleaning out his phys. ed./team locker and taking home his athletic clothing and equipment. The school is not responsible  for any clothing not taken home at these holiday times. There will be a charge for any lost team clothing and equipment. 

    A school team requires considerably more time than a recreational physical education option; nevertheless, the minimum commitment for physical education/athletics is three practices/trainings per week totaling 225 minutes of activity (travel time not included). We use 23 offsite facilities to offer the best possible program. The athletic webpage will post rosters, schedules, scores, activity updates, team updates and upcoming athletic trips and tournaments. We request parents’ cooperation and support in this matter, especially as it may involve some weekends at the high school level. 

    For all interscholastic school teams and certain sports activities, most of a student’s equipment will be supplied  by the school. There is a sports rental charge ranging from $35.00 to $2500.00 depending on the activity. This charge covers the cost of cleaning, repairing, maintaining and replacing team equipment, team trips, as well as a small portion of escalating field/arena/court rental costs. Parents should not purchase any equipment without first confirming that it is required and must be supplied by the student. 

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  • Physical Examination

    All new students are required to have a physical examination. The results of this examination are to be  documented on the Physician’s Report form provided by the Admissions office. This form must be submitted to the school before October 1st of  the new school year. Parents of returning students are not required to complete a new Physician’s Report every year but are responsible for informing the school of any changes in medical information such as allergies, medication, and other information pertinent to the health and well-being of the student.

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  • Promotion

    At the end of the school year a recommendation for promotion is made for each student. Conditions for promotion may include summer school, summer work, a supplemental examination, or some other  intervention. Conditional promotion may be the result of one or more failures in academic subjects and/or poor  citizenship. In the event that promotion is made conditional or not recommended, the parents and the student will be contacted and will meet with the appropriate Head of School. 

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  • Re-Enrollment

    Parents will be sent the procedure for re-enrollment for the coming school year in November. 

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  • Restricted Building and Campus Areas

    • Staff offices, staff desks and work areas are out of bounds at all times unless under the direct supervision of a teacher. 
    • The gyms and the weight room are out of bounds unless supervised by a qualified staff member. 
    • The driveway on the west side of the Macaulay Building, and all parking lots are out of bounds to students. 
    • School grounds, yards and facilities are out of bounds to unsupervised students outside of school hours. Unless involved in school business, students who have been dismissed from class should leave the school grounds immediately. 
    • Unless under direct supervision, locker rooms, classrooms, laboratories and gymnasiums are out of bounds to students, even when they are unlocked. 

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  • School Hours - Elementary School

    Morning supervision in the Old Boys’ Association Playground and in the Guzzo Family Playground begins  at 7:50 a.m. Kindergarten students enter through 442 Argyle Avenue. Grades 1&2 students enter the Old Boys’ Association Playground upon arrival, and Grade 3-6 students enter the Guzzo Family Playground; all students remain there under the supervision of the teachers. When parents drop off their children, we ask that they respect the drop off zones by pulling in, dropping off the student, and leaving immediately. Parking within these drop-off zones causes traffic congestion.

    Parents who pick up their children after school should do so promptly at the time their son is dismissed.  Students are expected to leave for home or for other commitments immediately after their dismissal. They are not to play in front of the school or in the school yards. Kindergarten to Grade 2 students  should be collected from the Argyle Avenue schoolyard (Old Boys’ Association Playground) by a parent  or designated caregiver. Kindergarten to Grade 2 students who have not been picked up within ten  minutes of the dismissal time will be escorted to the Front Office. Grade 3-6 students should be collected  from the West Stairs (Guzzo Family Playground) by a parent or designated caregiver. All boys who have not been picked up by 3:40 p.m. will be put in the care of the After-School Program (charges apply).  

    Elementary School Arrival and Dismissal Times and Locations:
    • Maternelle ~ enter & exit through 442 Argyle (7:50am & 2:30pm)
    • Grade 1 ~ enter & exit through Old Boys (East) Yard (8:10am & 3:15pm)
    • Grade 2 ~ enter & exit through Old Boys (East) Yard (8:20am & 3:25pm)
    • Grade 3 ~ enter & exit through archway by Veritas sign (8:05am & 3:10pm)
    • Grade 4 ~ enter & exit through archway by Veritas sign (8:10am & 3:15pm)
    • Grade 5 ~ enter & exit through laneway by Police/Fire Station (8:15am & 3:20pm)
    • Grade 6 ~ enter & exit through laneway by Police/Fire Station (8:10am & 3:15pm)

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  • School Hours - Middle and Senior Schools

    Students in Grades 7-11 may enter the buildings at 7:30 a.m. In order to be prepared and ready for Period 1, students are encouraged to be at school by 8:00 a.m. Students are expected to be in their first-period class by 8:10 a.m.  

    All students are expected to enter by the side doors of the Lucas and Speirs Buildings and the front door of the Macaulay Building. Parents and faculty may enter by the front door of the Lucas Building.

    Afternoon Dismissal Times 
    Grade 7&8
    4:15 Monday and Wednesday (after Physical Education*) 
    2:45 Tuesday, Thursday and Friday  
    (Subject tutorials from 3:00 – 4:00 on Thursday.) 
    *Middle School students who are doing certain team sports may be required to follow the Tuesday, Thursday, Friday physical education schedule. 

    Grade 9-11
    2:45 Monday and Wednesday 
    (Subject Tutorials 3:00 – 4:15 on Monday) 
    (Extracurricular activities and optional subject tutorials 3:00-4:15 on Wednesdays) 
    4:15 Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (after Physical Education) 

    Pick-Up After Dismissal 
    Parents who pick up their children after school should do so promptly at the time their son is dismissed.  Students are expected to leave for home or for other commitments immediately after their dismissal. They are not to play in front of the school or in the school yards. 

    Unless there is a supervised activity at the school, the school is closed on weekends. Parents and students should not expect to be able to gain access to the school for books or other materials during weekends.  

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  • School Supplies

    Elementary & Middle Schools 
    Each student is responsible for providing his own school supplies for everyday classroom use and special class projects. A detailed list of required school supplies is provided to families in May of each year for the upcoming school year, and is available on the Selwyn House School website year-round.  

    Senior School 
    For Grade 9 students, a detailed list of required school supplies is provided to families in June of each year. There is no specific school supply list for Grade 10&11 students, as they may enroll in a variety of course options. Students choose their own general school supplies and should establish a method of keeping their school work organized. Students will be advised during the first week of school if a teacher requires something specific for his or her course.

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  • School Yards

    Outdoor recess takes place in the Old Boys’ Association Playground and The Guzzo Family Playground.  
    • No balls other than foam balls may be used in the yards for Elementary School. 
    • Aggressive play, including physical contact, is not permitted, and all students should respect the physical  safety and psychological well-being of the other students.  
    • Any game in which the objective is to hurt another player is not permitted. 
    • Students must stay off the snow hills during the winter months, and snowballs are prohibited.

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  • Scooters, Bicycles and Cars

    Students riding manual or electric scooters or bicycles to and from school are required to wear an appropriate  safety helmet. They must obey the provincial traffic code and ride safely to and from school. Bikes must be  locked carefully in the bike racks with a sturdy lock. Students are prohibited from driving cars to or from school  or on school business. Under exceptional circumstances, the Head of the Senior School may accede to a written  request from a parent. 

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  • Teacher Advisory Groups (TAG)

    In order to continue supporting students both academically and socially, each student in Middle and Senior  School will belong to a Teacher Advisor Group (TAG). These groups will provide an opportunity for more focused attention for individual student needs. The major objectives of the program are: 
    • To provide students with an adult mentor at school; 
    • To provide a venue to discuss issues of importance to students; 
    • To enhance positive engagement of students in school life, thus increasing school spirit and pride.

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  • Technology and Media

    Tech Office 
    The Tech Office, situated on the 2nd Floor of the Speirs Building, is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and can be reached by phone at extension 2273. Middle School students will be provided with full technical support for their school-issued laptops; Senior School students will be assisted as much as possible without compromising the warranty of their computers.  

    Audio-Visual and Media Equipment 
    The school can provide students with equipment such as cameras, projectors, green screens or iPads for various student activities and projects. A teacher’s permission is required, and parents must sign out any equipment to be borrowed overnight or for the weekend. 

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  • Tests and Assignments

    Students are required to have all work completed on time. When a student is away, he is still required  to turn in any assignments to the school on the due date, unless alternate arrangements have been  made with the appropriate Head of School. 
    Students will have the opportunity to write any tests they may have missed due to authorized absence, and  they should be prepared to do so upon their return to school. 

    At Selwyn House, students are expected to be honest in the preparation for and writing of tests and  assignments. A student may not - at any time - present his own work ideas or writing taken in full or in part from a published work, another student, or some other source. Click here to read our Academic Integrity Policy.

    Absence from school in order to complete assignments is not acceptable. If a student has a problem  meeting a deadline, he should discuss the problem with his teacher before the due date. Parents should not  permit students to stay home to miss tests and catch up on work. This exacerbates the problem. 

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  • Textbooks

    Students are responsible for their textbooks. When the textbooks are issued, the student’s name is written in  ink on the bookplate on the inside cover of the textbook. If a student loses his textbook, he must acquire a  replacement as soon as possible, and he will be charged for the lost book.  

    Year-End Book Returns 
    Students are required to submit their textbook(s) to their teacher on the day of the final exam in that  subject. All students who have failed to submit their textbooks on the appropriate due date will be charged  the replacement cost of the book(s). Students are also responsible for the replacement cost of lost,  damaged, or stolen books.

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  • Trading and Selling

    Students may not bring food or other commodities to school for the purpose of trading or selling. Failure to comply with this requisition may result in confiscation and  sanctions. 

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  • Tutors

    Although tutors can provide valuable support to students, they are not recommended for everyone who might  be in academic difficulty. If a parent feels that tutoring is advisable, please consult first with the subject  teacher and the appropriate Head of School. Certainly, the school should be made aware of any student  who is being tutored so that these efforts may be coordinated with the subject teacher.

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  • Valuables

    Items of value, whether monetary or sentimental, and large sums of cash, must not be brought to the school. If, for some reason, a student must bring something valuable to school, it should be given to his Head of School for safekeeping.

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  • Visitors/Parents in the School

    To ensure as safe an environment as possible, all visitors to the school are required to enter the school only  through the front entrance of the Lucas and Macaulay buildings. Visitors must sign in at the Front Office upon  arrival. Before leaving, visitors need to sign out. 

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