Senior School

SS Reading & Supply Lists

Dear Senior School parents and students:
Please check black links above for the English and French Summer Reading requirements. 

English Summer Reading: for the book for their grade level, students should read the book for their grade and follow the accompanying Study Guide and fully answer the questions contained in the guide. The study guide questions will be due on Monday, September 9, 2019. Classroom teachers will be spending the first weeks of the school year discussing the summer reading book and the first major written assignment for each grade will be based on this text.

French Summer Reading: when class lists are set, the French teachers will be emailing their students with more specific instructions

Books may be purchased at a local bookstore or ordered online.
Please note there is no specific school supply list for Grade 9, 10 or 11 as students sign up for different courses and options. Students choose their own general school supplies: pens, pencils, pencil case, notebooks, binders, highlighters, pocket folders, backpack. Students should establish a method of keeping their work organized: homework, handouts, assignments in a system of their choice, and will be informed the first week of school if a teacher requires something specific for his or her course.