Experiential Education

Community Engagement

Community engagement needs to be an exchange, a reciprocal relationship. It’s all about helping students learn about themselves and develop real-life skills from experience.
At Selwyn House, students at all levels are increasingly asked to take responsibilities for helping others. The goal should be service learning, rather than simply community service. Not only to teach responsibility and promote a sense of community, but to enrich a student’s learning experience.
Furthermore, these activities have to be undertaken for their own reward, and not merely to fill an academic requirement. Students start by building their CVs, and somewhere along the line they catch on and find their passion.

Community Service in Action

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  • Refugee Awareness

    Given the recent events happening in our world today, students have been asking a lot of questions on the topic of refugees and immigrants. As a result, in partnership with Centre D’Appui aux Communautes Immigrantes, a Montreal organization that facilitates the process for refugees entering Quebec, we will be holding various educational sessions on refugee awareness. In addition, each school is planning a fundraiser to raise money and collect essential items for the new coming refugees to Quebec. Click to continue reading...
  • Holiday Baskets

    For Middle School and Senior School only:
    Once again, the school will partnering up with Saint Gabriel's Parish and will be providing food, gifts and needed items to families in Pointe-Saint-Charles. This year, we will be supporting 29 families through our advisory program. Every student has been asked to sign up to bring in specific food items based on their assigned family’s needs, as well as $20 to contribute towards gifts for each family member. Please encourage your son to go to the grocery store and purchase the items himself, and to get involved by wrapping gifts, making homemade goodies, or delivering during the week of December 6-9. A special thanks to our student leaders who are helping to ensure each advisory group is organized and on task!
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Volunteering & Giving Opportunities

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