Building relationships is an essential part of the Selwyn House mission.  As school counsellor, my role is to support, advocate and advise the Selwyn House community members. School counselors assist students at all levels, from elementary school to high school graduation and beyond. They act as advocates for students’ well-being, and as valuable resources for their educational advancement.  I will try to best meet the needs of the Selwyn community by addressing the personal, social/emotional, and psychological issues that may arise.  I can provide opportunities for the Selwyn community to  make informed decisions and broaden their knowledge and skill base.   The focus is always on trying to make students feel and be as successful as they can and have a plan for their goals and how to achieve them.

I’m just a phone call or an email away.
I’m here to help the Selwyn community of students, parents and faculty.
I look forward to meeting, talking or hearing from you at your convenience.

School Counsellor 
Carissa Springer
514-931-9481 ext 2226
Apart from email and phone contact, I would also encourage you to reach out to me by Google Chat (Hangouts) to schedule your appointment. 
Ateliers Virtuels gratuits pour les Parents d’adolescents  2021 

Sentez-vous parfois dépassés par les comportements de votre ado ? Avez-vous de la difficulté à comprendre les transformations que votre jeune vit ? Trouvez-vous que c’est parfois difficile de communiquer avec votre jeune ou de lui mettre des limites ? 
Voilà pourquoi des ateliers d’habiletés parentales ont vu le jour ! Les ateliers se dérouleront en français. Animés par des travailleurs sociaux et des psychoéducateurs, ils serviront à répondre à des questions souvent posées par les parents. Divers sujets seront abordés et les parents auront la possibilité d’échanger entre eux afin de briser l’isolement. 
À noter que ces ateliers sont ouverts à tous les parents d’adolescents du Grand Montréal. Il est toutefois nécessaire de s’inscrire avant l’atelier. Vous trouverez en attache, la publicité qui vous explique les détails concernant l’inscription.

Free Virtual Workshops for Parents of teenagers 2021
Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by your teenager’s behaviors? Do you ever feel like it is impossible to understand your adolescent child? Do you find it difficult to communicate with your teen or set limits?

This is why parenting skills workshops were created! These workshops will take place in English, led by social workers and psycho-educators who will answer a variety of questions often asked by parents. Various topics will be discussed and parents will have the chance to interact with each other in order to break isolation.

Workshops are open to parents in Greater Montreal. Please take note that you must register before the workshop. In the flyer attached, you will find the information to register for the event.