The Path Forward Campaign

A pivotal time in Selwyn House School history

On July 1st, 2021, Selwyn House became a fully private school. The decision to forego government grants means that we no longer have to restrict our admissions to boys with a Certificate of English Eligibility and that every boy who dreams of a Selwyn education can now apply to our school. 

Opening our doors to students from all linguistic and cultural communities will open our boys’ minds to different realities and points of view. By eliminating the need for an eligibility certificate and boosting our financial assistance, we’ll be able to welcome boys from even more backgrounds and communities into our school. Our students are going to be surrounded by others whose day-to-day reality and experiences may be very different from their own. It’s going to be eye-opening and enriching, and it will create real-life opportunities to appreciate both our differences and our similarities and to understand the important issues that impact the people with whom we interact every day.

Our path forward is about opening doors to more students and opening minds to new ways of thinking. If we want Selwyn House boys to be true to themselves, to others, to their school, and to their world, making the decision to become fully independent and to embark on this campaign is the best way to go about it.

Campaign Objective: $12M
The focus of The Path Forward Campaign is to ensure that Selwyn House remains accessible to current and future families. To achieve this, we are seeking donations to be divided into two key funds: Privatization and Endowment.

By contributing to the Privatization Fund, donors will be helping us keep our school fees stable and maintain our excellent programs and services, despite the loss of government funding. This is a very pressing short-term need. Path Forward Privatization Goal: $6M.

By contributing to the Endowment Fund, donors will be helping us boost our bursary program. This will ensure that our school fees are never an insurmountable obstacle for boys who have always dreamed of a Selwyn House education. This is a longer term, but equally important, goal.
Path Forward Endowment Goal: $6M.


Honorary Co-Chairs
France Chrétien-Desmarais
André Desmarais ’73

Vincenzo Guzzo ’86
Mark L. Smith

Cabinet Members
Ian Aitken ’81
Michael Avedesian '88
Caroline Deitcher
Michael Denham
Philippe Desmarais ’03
Lloyd Feldman
Anna Gainey
Conrad Harrington ’00
Jean-François Marcoux
Jason Tsadilas ’88
Justin Vineberg ’88
Rody Yared

Michael Downey

Director of Advancement
Sharon Cozens
(514) 931-9481 x 2269