SHA Board of Directors

The Selwyn House Association Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing the development of the school, developing and adopting school policy, and ensuring the financial health of the institution. In cooperation with the headmaster and the senior administrative team, they develop the long-range strategic plan for the school and meet regularly to discuss new policy initiatives and receive information to ensure that the mission, plan and policies of the school are implemented. The Board of Directors is a dedicated and diverse group of constituents, and they provide significant support and direction to the school
    • Jonathan Goldbloom '72, chair

Board of Directors

Mr. Jonathan Goldbloom '72, Chair
Ms. Alix d'Anglejan-Chatillon
Mr. Michael Avedesian '88
Mrs. Courtney Beckerleg
Mr. Yan Besner '96
Mr. Randall Birks '88
Mr. Michael Denham
Mr. Philippe Desmarais 2003
Mr. Lloyd Perry Feldman
Mr. Laurent Ferreira
Dr. Nadia Giannetti
Mr. Vincenzo Guzzo ’86
M. François Hudon
Mr. Thomas Pitfield '93
Mr. Alan Rossy '79
Mr. Ben Spencer 2000