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Admissions Process

The Admissions Office seeks students who will contribute to the school and who will also be able to thrive in our program. The Director of Admissions and the members of the admissions committee who meet the candidate and his parents place equal weight on the candidate’s previous school record and the impression a candidate projects during the family meeting.

Please note entrance exams are no longer required for candidates.
Please contact the Admissions Office for more information: Telephone: 514.931.2775 or email

Families from around the world make up the diverse community at Selwyn House School, and we welcome applications from international students. BEFORE APPLYING TO THE SCHOOL, PLEASE READ THE INTERNATIONAL STUDENT SECTION BELOW.

Step 1 - Apply Online

Applications to Selwyn House School are made through our online application process. In order to access the application, you must first complete this form to create an account. Once our team has reviewed your submission, you will receive a login and temporary password within 2 business days. You will then be able to complete the online application.

Step 2 - Complete Checklist Items

Once your online application has been submitted, please click on the candidate's online file to complete the checklist items.

Please upload the following documents to the candidate's file:
  • A copy of the candidate's most recent report card and a copy of his final June report card from the last academic school year;
  • A copy of the Applicant Reflection form.  To be completed by the candidate if they are 9 to 16 years of age.  Younger applicant's parents can complete the form on their son's behalf;
  • A true, certified copy (signed by a legal authority) of the candidate’s birth certificate, showing the full names of both parents (this must be in either English or French). If a translated document is submitted, a copy of the original document must be provided as well;
  • A recent photograph of the candidate
  • A copy of the candidate's Déclaration d’admissibilité à l’enseignement en anglais as issued by the Quebec government, if you have it (please click here for information about eligibility to attend English school in Quebec);
  • A Psychologist's Educational Report, if one exists.
  • An Individual Education Plan (IEP), if one exists.
Contact the Director of Admissions directly if you would like to provide any further confidential information about the candidate's application.
Candidates applying for the 2024-25 school year must pay the $50 CAD application fee by credit card.

Step 3 - Confidential School Report form

Download and sign the appropriate Confidential School Report form and give it to the Principal or homeroom teacher of the candidate's current school. Upon completion, this form should be e-mailed directly from the applicant’s school to the Selwyn House School Admissions Office. Please use the form that corresponds to the candidate's requested grade of entry. Confidential School Report forms are available for students entering Kindergarten, Grade 1 & 2, Grades 3 to 11, or Pre University (Grade 12).

Step 4 - Schedule a School Tour

If you have not visited the school this year, we invite you and your family to register for one of the many Open Houses we will be hosting this year.  Please register by clicking on one of the following links: onsite or virtual school tour.  

Step 5 - Follow-up by Admissions Office

As soon as the candidate's online application is complete, the Admissions Office will contact you regarding school visits (On-Site or Virtual). Please note entrance exams are no longer required for any grade level.

Step 6 - Decision

Once the Admissions process is complete, the Director of Admissions will contact each family with the recommendations of the Admissions Committee.

International Students

Selwyn House School welcomes applications from international students. Before applying, families are asked to consider the following information.  If enrolled, the school requires international students to pay additional fees for language instruction.

As there are no formal ESL classes at the school, applicants must be proficient in either English or French in order to cope with the program. An evaluation of a candidate’s language skills will be made by reviewing current report cards, a Confidential School Report in addition to an online or in-person meeting. Students who are not fluent in either language are encouraged to develop their language skills before applying to the school. 

The following outlines the French to English language of instruction percentage: Kindergarten 50%/50%, Grade 1 to 3 70%/30%. Grade 4 to 6 50%/50%, Grade 7 to 11 30%/ 70%.

Please note a Certificate of Eligibility is not required to attend Selwyn House School.


Application Deadlines

Online applications are available all year-round, however to be considered in the first round of applications, you must apply before January 15.
Applications for the 2025-2026 school year will be accepted starting August 15, 2024. 

Kindergarten to Grade 11
Online applications are available all year-round, however to be considered in the first round of applications, you must apply between August 15 and October 15.
Applications for the 2025-2026 school year will be accepted starting on August 15, 2024.