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    Both Senior and Middle School have switched to a Spring Physical Education schedule. Due to the fact we remain in a Red Zone and must adhere to government regulations, P.E. will remain in a pod format. The students will follow a class rotation experiencing different activities, which includes football, rugby, lacrosse, badminton, cross-country running, table tennis, ball hockey, CrossFit, yoga and fitness. At the Senior School level on days that students are learning from home they will be required to log in online for their PE. class at the prescribed time. All information is posted on Campus. Thank you for your continued cooperation and support. Any questions you can contact Mr. Mike Maurovich Director of Athletics or Mr. Carl Benoit Athletics Coordinator.

Selwyn House School maintains a strong commitment to physical education and athletics as part of the student’s overall educational development.

The Athletics Department provides each student with a variety of athletic opportunities that serve the needs, interests and desires of the student body. The fact that each boy chooses his activity each semester increases satisfaction.

Students may choose to compete inter-scholastically or opt for recreational and instructional programs. Both ensure that our students are physically active and challenged.

To accommodate our programs, the school rents 16 outside facilities and benefits from the leadership of 28 full- and part-time staff members. This extraordinary level of adult participation helps students understand that a complete education involves both body and mind.

The school’s objectives are ambitious. We strive to foster healthy attitudes toward play and to encourage a robust belief in hard work. Students are taught that athletics involves more than just physical activity. It is an experience that can provide lifelong lessons about effort, teamwork and fairness.

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Contact Athletics:

Director of Athletics
Michael Maurovich
514-931-9481 ext 2262

Athletics Coordinator
Carl Benoit