Annual Giving

Our Veritas Tree is Rooted in Kindness—the kindness of students, teachers, alumni, parents, and friends. Our school would not be what it is without the kindness of our community.

Annual gifts from our community provide an extra level of support each school year to help defray costs not covered by tuition alone. The school depends on annual gifts, and we are thankful for the broad participation and generosity of our donors. When smaller donations are pooled together, they make a big difference. 

This year's priorities include: Programs/Initiatives/Professional Development, Student Bursaries, and Student Wellness.
Director of Annual Giving and Old Boy Relations
Mary Ann Cloherty
514-931-9481 ext 2294

SHS Priorities

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  • Programs / Initiatives / Professional Development

    Academics are at the core of what we do and work hand in hand with arts, which provide growth in all aspects of a young man, athletics where students learn so much about themselves and about one another on teams and in individual sports, and activities that round us out as a school. Additional financial support enhances and strengthens opportunities for our students and supports best practices and innovations in teaching. We continue to develop strategic directions under our new truth, “True to your World,’’ which addresses diversity, equity and inclusion through social justice programming. The Indigenization Process is just one example of this.
  • Student Bursaries

    We are proud to support deserving students who qualify for needs-based bursaries. Requests for financial assistance have increased by 31% this year. We want to ensure that all students can complete their SHS education.
  • Student Wellness

    The school has adopted a more holistic approach to student support this year and has created The Department of Student Wellness, which aims to support students academically through the Student Success Centre (SSC), and to work with them on their social and emotional well-being and their future academics and life planning. To this end, our School Counsellor, Post-Secondary Guidance Counsellor, and the SSC learning strategists have all joined the department, which will streamline services. Additional staff will bring more assistance to more students.
  • Student Success Center

    Now part of the Department of Student Wellness, The Student Success Centre is a wonderful source of support for all students whether they wish to gain study skills, obtain specialized instruction, or receive professional services for specific learning challenges. The SSC aims to provide resources and professional development opportunities for teachers in the areas of Inclusive Education, Differentiated Instruction and Curriculum Adaptation, and Assistive Technology resources. Our goal is to increase the SSC endowment to have a self-sustaining fund to alleviate the reliance on the annual fund.

    Double your Donation:
    New for 2021-2022!
    All donations made to the Student Success Centre's professional development fund will be matched (up to $75,000) thanks to a generous grant from the R. Howard Webster Foundation.
  • The Hannaford/Doherty Mental Health & Wellness Fund

    The goal of The Hannaford/Doherty Mental Health & Wellness Fund is to honour former Headmaster Hal Hannaford and his wife Susan's legacy of caring at Selwyn House, where every boy is Known and Loved. Funds will be available when they are most needed.

    Many mental health problems start in childhood and adolescence. However, because issues related to mental health are often overlooked in children and adolescents, only one in five children who need mental health services receive them.

    The Hannaford/Doherty Mental Health & Wellness Fund will provide training and certification by Mental Health First Aid Canada each year to Selwyn House teachers and staff to help identify and address mental health problems when they first become apparent. Early intervention can help to prevent problems from becoming worse.
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  • SHS Indigenization Process

    Support the school community as it engages in a meaningful and long-term commitment to incorporate Indigenous knowledge, culture and partnerships into its practices, policies and curriculum. Donations will help fund Indigenous consultant(s), professional development workshops & resources on Indigenous education, as well as initiatives presented by the Indigenous Student Committee.

Bursary Funds

Legacy Bursaries

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  • MP2 Legacy Bursary Fund

    Marie-Michelle and Paul Pathy ’88 have established this bursary to benefit a deserving student providing full tuition as well as all ancillary expenses that will ensure the student benefits from a full Selwyn House experience.

Full Bursaries

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  • The General Endowment Fund

    The General Endowment Fund is where all donations to the endowment that are not specifically designated to a named fund are maintained.
  • The Old Boys’ Endowment Fund

    We are proud of the growth of this fund over the years thanks to the participants of past Selwyn House Old Boys and Friends Golf Tournaments.

    Over $1.8M has been raised to date from proceeds from past tournaments and from other individuals.

    This fund supports the equivalent of three full five-year bursaries for students in Grade 7.
  • The Conrad H. Harrington Fund

    The Conrad H. Harrington Bursary is named in memory of Mr. Conrad H. Harrington, father of two Selwyn House students. Mr. Harrington always felt it was important that the Selwyn House experience enjoyed by his sons should be made available to more students. This full three-year bursary is offered to a qualifying student in Grade 9 (new or current).
  • The Pathy Family Foundation Fund

    The Pathy Family Foundation Bursary is a full five-year bursary awarded to a deserving student entering Grade 7. Paul ’88 and Mark ’86 would like to provide this special opportunity to an exceptional student who seeks the value of a Selwyn House education in order to fulfill his potential and establish a successful pathway for his future.

Partial Bursaries

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  • Erene & Joel '99 Anthony Family Bursary Fund

    The Erene & Joel '99 Anthony Family Bursary Fund was created in May 2014 by Joel Anthony who attended Selwyn House through scholarships, provided by the support of many families. This fund is to be used to provide needs-based bursaries to help deserving students attend Selwyn House.
  • The Class of '88 Bursary - In Memory of Ted Schopflocher and Peter Tolias

    This Class Bursary honours two beloved classmates and the Class of '88 itself. It will provide funding for a deserving student who requires financial assistance. This is a new bursary that is now open for contributions.
  • The Carreiro Family Bursary Fund

    Shirley Carreiro and her son Michael Carreiro '92 established this bursary for a qualifying Grade 7 student for the duration of his SHS Middle and Senior School years.
  • The Class of 2021 Bursary Fund

    The Class of 2021 established the first “Class Of” bursary for qualified students who may not otherwise have the financial means to attend Selwyn House School. This was done through the sale of prints of an original painting featuring the Selwyn blazer, tie and the Old Boys' tie showing the journey from student to Old Boy. Donations can be made directly to the fund or by purchasing a print via the Advancement Office. READ MORE
  • The Hallward Family Endowment Fund

    The Hallward Family Endowment Fund is funded by the Hallward family. This fund was created not as bursary for tuition, but as a special needs-based assistance fund to be used by the Director of Elementary School or Middle School to assist students who may require additional tutorial help or educational testing in order to be successful at their grade level.
  • Diana Kuilman Memorial Fund

    The Diana Kuilman Memorial Fund gets its funding from the friends and family of the late Diana Kuilman. This fund is to be used to provide needs-based bursaries to help deserving students attend Selwyn House.. 
  • John R. McConnell '65 Endowment Fund

    The John R. McConnell '65 Endowment Fund was created in November 2019 by the John R. McConnell Foundation, and named in his memory. The Foundation wants the fund to be used to assist boys in financial need for their tuition fees, in the sole discretion of the Selwyn House Veritas Foundation and the School's Head. 
  • William Mitchell Endowment Fund

    The William Mitchell Endowment Fund was created by the Old Boys’ Association in 2008 from the proceeds of the Centennial Old Boys and Friends' Golf Tournament, in tribute to Will Mitchell’s retirement from the school as headmaster after 24 years. Additional funds are received from individual donors. This fund has the capacity to offer a five-year partial bursary to a student starting in Grade 7.
  • Mondal Family Endowment Fund

    The Mondal Family Endowment Fund was created in February 2015 by the Mondal Family. This fund is to be used to provide needs-based bursaries to help deserving students attend Selwyn House.
  • Edgar Moodey Memorial Fund

    The Edgar Moodey Memorial Fund gets its funding from the estate and friends of Edgar Moodey. This fund has the capacity to offer the equivalent of a one-year partial bursary starting in Grade 7.
  • Colin No '97 Memorial Fund

    The Colin No '97 Memorial Fund was created in 2005 by the classmates of Colin No ’97 and named in his memory. It was established through funding from his classmates, his family, and individual donors and continues to grow. This fund has the capacity to offer a one-year partial bursary to a student in Grade 7.
  • Gaelan O’Donnell '83 Endowment Fund

    The Gaelan O’Donnell Endowment Fund was created by the classmates of Gaelan O’Donnell ’83 in 2009 and named in his memory. This fund has the capacity to offer a one-year partial bursary to a student in Grade 7. The Gaelan O’Donnell Fund gets its funding from Gaelan's classmates, family, and friends.
  • Addy Pathak 2005 Memorial Fund

    The Addy Pathak 2005 Memorial Fund bursary is awarded in recognition of academic excellence, in memory of Aditya Pathak, a Grade 9 student who was a valued member of the Selwyn House community and was greatly appreciated by his peers and teachers for his sense of humanity. This bursary is funded by the Pathak Family, as well as by Addy’s classmates and friends. This fund has the capacity to offer a one-year partial bursary to a student in Grade 7.
  • David Pitblado '78 Endowment Fund

    The David Pitblado Endowment Fund was created in 2004 by the classmates of David Pitblado ’78 and named in his memory. The fund was established thanks to generous classmates, members of the Pitblado family, and individual donors. The Pitblado family wanted the fund to be used to help a student get started in Grade 7 and 8. This fund has the capacity to offer the equivalent of a two-year partial bursary starting in Grade 7.
  • Nancy Pitfield Scholarship Fund

    The Nancy Pitfield Scholarship Fund gets its funding from the friends and family of the late Nancy Pitfield, as well as from the school’s annual Gryphon Sale of used uniforms. This fund has the capacity to offer a one-year partial bursary to a student in Grade 7.
  • The Rob Wearing Bursary Fund

    The Wearing Family established this fund to benefit students with promising character, an interest in the Arts and sports, and who require financial assistance. Rob dedicated almost half his life to ensuring each student had positive life experiences at Selwyn. This bursary will provide an opportunity for his legacy to continue. Read More