Headmaster's Vision

Key Messages

At Selwyn House, we believe that all students should develop a lifelong commitment to Selwyn Veritas. It is the essence of all we do. Truth to ourselves, truth to others, and truth to the school are a part of each student’s experience.
Truth to ourselves is a hierarchy consisting of self-awareness, evolving to legitimate self-respect, leading to self-confidence. Our boys learn to be proud and comfortable with who they are and what they can offer.
Truth to others means understanding the value of respect, and learning to embrace a world of compassion, kindness and empathy.
Truth to our school is all about recognizing the importance of hard work and effort, developing passions, and showing a true commitment to all we are involved with.
The Selwyn House mission is essentially centered on the fact that we are a university preparatory school.  University preparation is made up of intellectual and academic preparation, as well as physical, social, emotional, and spiritual preparation. We are a high-quality academic institution. All of our graduates attend university (the vast majority go to the school and program of their first choice), but our focus remains on their actual preparation for the challenges of university life.
Our five commitments define who we are: 
1) We are totally committed and dedicated to the French language and Québec culture. This is more than a commitment to a second language. It embraces the wonderful culture that is part of life in Montreal.
2) We are dedicated to boys and the wonder they bring each day.  We know boys, we understand boys, and we celebrate boys. It is through our deep and valuable relationships with our boys that we can assist them in their quest to reach their highest attainable goals and ambitions.
3)  At Selwyn House we guarantee that your son will be known and loved. This is absolutely crucial for boys if they are to be successful in life. Remember, this is a guarantee, and it is demonstrated each day with all we do.
4)  We remain committed to the values of respect, responsibility and voice. These values make up a part of the day-to-day culture at Selwyn House.
5)  Finally, we know that learning is maximized through experiential education. Our commitment to experiential education is growing stronger all the time, and we remain totally focused on embracing this direction.
The Selwyn House experience is more than an education. It is an adventure, a journey, and ultimately, it is an advantage. We hope that all boys can benefit from the experience, and we welcome the opportunity to discuss this in detail with you in the near future.