Headmaster's Vision

Leadership at Selwyn House

Vision, Trust, Integrity & Passion     
 What we should stand for ......
1)   Embrace good principles and values
            a) Vision and Mission                                                         
b)  Confident Boys Ready for the World
c)  An English school that lives French
d)  A Community of Respect
* Innovation with our teaching and learning
* Towards a positive and appreciative community
A focus on strengths
* Collaboration for systemic change
* Separate behaviour from the person
2)   Respect and acknowledge value of all staff members
3)   Gender equality
4)   Use of issues to form discussion, strategy, and action
How we should “Lead and Manage”
1)   Enable rather than direct         
                                                            * Create autonomy for individuals
* Don’t micro-manage. “Get out of the way.”
* Intelligent mistakes are good... Stupid successes are easy…
Stupid mistakes are preventable
2)   Capacity to coordinate not control
3)   Appetite for openness
4)   Tolerance for chaos
5)   Ethic of responsibility and trust
Empower people to be responsible...not accountable