Tuition and Bursaries

Grades 1-2

TUITION: 20,900$ 
MEAL FEES: 1,800$ **
TOTAL: 29,100$ 
* There is a $850 lunchtime supervision charge included in Supplementary Fees for Elementary School.

** Meal fees are listed for informational purposes only. Participation in the meal plan is mandatory for all students.

These figures reflect the School’s continuing efforts to operate efficiently while at the same time providing well-supported programs and maintaining small class sizes. School fees are paid in advance in two installments; the first due September 1st and the second due February 1st, with the exception of the Lucas Foundation which is due September 1st. Monthly and quarterly payment plans are also available.
Child Care Receipts
Child care receipts will be issued at the end of the calendar year to eligible parents of Elementary School students only. The parent’s social insurance number is required for the issuance of this receipt. Parents should be aware that a number of conditions have to be met in order to use these receipts for income tax purposes, and we suggest they contact their tax advisers before they proceed.
The Lucas Foundation
This year’s contribution to the Lucas Foundation will be $1,650 for each student enrolled in K to Grade 6 inclusive, and $2,050 for each student enrolled in Grades 7-12 inclusive. The primary purpose of the Lucas Foundation is to provide funds to the school for property improvements and equipment of a capital nature, which are not covered by tuition fees. This amount will be invoiced to you in August.
Please note that donation receipts will not be issued as this payment is mandatory.
After-School Program and Homework Supervision
The Selwyn House After-School Program (K to Grade 6) is from 3:25 to 6:00 P.M. This program offers extra-curricular clubs and homework supervision. Currently, enrollment options range from full-time registration ($5,250/year) to occasional registration ($45/day). Homework Supervision is available for Grades 1 to 12 students (some fees apply).
Athletics Fees (Grades 5 to 12)
The majority of costs for athletics are covered in the scheduled school fees. However, fees will be levied during the fall, winter and spring to recover the cost of out-of-town trips, a portion of team transportation costs, as well as the cost of maintaining and replacing team equipment.
This charge starts with Elementary School teams at the Grade 5 and 6 levels.
Other Fees
Other fees may be billed throughout the year for participation in activities such as winter carnival, out-of-town trips, tutoring, etc.
For New Students whose mother tongue is not English or French
Students whose mother tongue is not English or French and who necessitate additional language support, will be required to follow a supplemental English as a Second Language (ESL) and/or French as a Second Language (FSL) program for a minimum of one year. The fees for each of these programs will be up to $4,200 and are not included in the above fees.
Bursaries and Scholarships
Selwyn House is committed to being a diverse and inclusive community. In order to broaden the availability of the Selwyn House experience, the school actively fundraises to be able to assist qualified students, entering Grades 7 to 12, who are in need of financial assistance. A bursary is defined as a financial needs-based scholarship. It directly reduces a student’s tuition fees and is not a loan. Bursaries at the Secondary School level are generally not taxable, though there are certain filing requirements. Parents who are interested in applying for a bursary may do so by
using the Financial Aid for Student Tuition (FAST) online application form located on the Selwyn House website’s homepage. The purpose of this program is to analyze a family’s income, expenses, assets, and liabilities. Once submitted online, FAST will analyze the information and send its recommendations to the school. The application is then reviewed by the Bursary Committee and parents are informed of the bursary for which they may qualify. Bursaries are awarded in the fall of the current academic year for the next academic year. For more information on bursary opportunities, please contact the Admissions Office at or 514.931.2775.