OBA Board of Directors

Eric-James (EJ) Boffey '12

Director since 2019
What are your personal goals as a member of the Old Boys’ Association?
Soon after being recruited by the OBA Board, I made a commitment to myself as well as the school, to bring the same level of energy, positive attitude and high contribution which so embodies VERITAS. By doing so, we can engage our alumni community around the world and come up stronger together. For the next few years I plan on further anchoring myself on the board, supporting the vetern chairs on our various action points in order to bring the boys together at events and lead new initiatives. As one of the younger old boys, I hope to increase recent grad turn-out and I implore my generation of guys to see value in this Alumni Community.
What did you enjoy most when you were a student at Selwyn House?
Hard to pick out one particular thing and write about one funny story in particular. You just had to be there to experience it! But here’s a list of things I cherished for 12 years: Breakfast every morning at Chez Nick; The Annual Malone golf trip with Marty Boyle; Grade 11 Lunch out Fridays; The ups and downs of soccer season with Paoletti & the Govan; Bake sales; True stories from Tom Downey; English with Bob Bouskill.
Employment Information
Company: British American Tobacco Canada
Profession: Business Development
Title:  New Categories Market Developer
Specialty or Expertise: Pushing Possible & having fun while doing it.
Education Information
Full time Lifer - SHS ‘00 till ‘12
Marianopolis - Commerce DEC
John Molson School of Business - Double Major in International Business & Marketing
Rotmans Business School - Business Case Intensive
BAT Canada Cooperative Program
BAT Global Graduate Candidate
Hobbies and Interests:
I’m always up for “getting out there and sending it”, but mostly I’m all about: Being a low handicap competitor despite still getting rowdy; Skiing the east coast hardcore real stuff; Taking some long laps on the road bike; Doing something impactful each and every day.
List other activities and charitable associations that you are involved with:
Still pretty young to be serving on any serious boards but I’ve done/will do: Volunteering at a Mission for anything at least once a year; Donating something to any of the OBA foundations at least once a year; Coordinated & Participated in many charity golf tournaments and continue to do so multiple times a year.
What interesting places have you worked, lived in or traveled to?
I often look back and wish I would have gone abroad for school in the US for post Selwyn education and Europe for University. I strongly encourage those still debating the same to do so. Though I did live in Downtown Toronto for 3 months as a developer with Dundee Kilmer & LWLP. However, I wouldn’t be as far as I am now without having stayed in Montreal and worked through school starting my own 2 businesses + being an executive intern for Big Tobacco while at getting my University degrees. My current career plan will lead me to live for several years in Western Canada Markets, our Global HO in London and Probably the Mid-west US. I can’t wait.
I’ve traveled since young for work and pleasure but mainly: Heli skiing trips to the Selkrik Tangier mountain range of BC; Holiday skiing in the Italian Dolomites; Playing some of the Top 50 Golf courses in North America; Had fun in Mykonos, Ibiza and the South of France with the lads.