Evren Boisjoli '08

Director since 2012
What are your personal goals for this year as a member of the Old Boys’ Association?
My goal with the OBA is to help communicate how Selwyn House is improving and moving towards the greater goals of bilingualism and life changing education to its alumni. I also want to be able to voice the feedback of alumni to the school and be able to open that dialogue with the Headmaster in creating better resources for the arts and the school as a whole. I feel the results of a community that feels heard by the school will keep the alumni community connected and invested in the schools’ future.
What did you enjoy most when you were a student at Selwyn House?
Way too many things to mention here but the lasting part of my enjoyment at Selwyn is the lifelong friendships for sure. Otherwise all the teams I took part in and all the opportunities I had to lead and develop skills that I use to this day. This was largely thanks to the awesome teachers and staff at the school who made the experience more than just learning different subjects.
Employment Information
Company: Outpost Mtl and Achromatic Media
Profession: Film Post Production and Production
Title: Producer
Speciality: On set producing for fiction films and advertising, VFX producing and post-production strategy.
Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema (Concordia) and Canadian Film Centre (CFC)
Music/DJing along with cars/motor sports, biking and relaxing!
What interesting places have you worked, lived in or travelled to?
I have shot content and developed films in many places ranging from the US, Jamaica, to Ghana and have travelled to many other places such as Tunisia, Turkey, Australia and many more.