Aria Khiabani '18

Director since 2019
What are your personal goals for this year as a member of the Old Boys’ Association?
My personal goals this year are to host a second prefect reunion, given the success of our first one last year, and to build a community of Old Boys who have gone on to have artistic careers in music, film, art and other mediums.
What did you enjoy most when you were a student at Selwyn House? 
During my time at Selwyn House, I deeply appreciated the individual connections I was able to make with the teachers and staff. These individuals are what make the school so special, and the time and attention they give to boys during those formative years is priceless.
Employment Information
Education Information
Current Studies: McGill Faculty of Law, BCL/JD Candidate 
Marianopolis Alum 2020 and President of Marianopolis Student Union 
Hobbies and Interests: Music production, rap, guitarist in Old Boys Blues Band, vinyl collecting.
List other activities and charitable associations that you are involved with: 
I am currently a junior manager at the McGill Law Journal, and a caseworker at the Legal Information Clinic at McGill and the Clinique Juridique des Artistes de Montréal.
What interesting places have you worked, lived in or traveled to?  Las Vegas