OBA Board of Directors

Justin Kuzmicki '05

Director since 2020
What are your personal goals for this year as a member of the Old Boys’ Association? Old Boys of all years have gone on to achieve fantastic and inspiring accomplishments. Be it in athletics, arts, science, business, or community, my goal is to develop a lasting program that further celebrates Old Boys and inspires the next generations of graduates. 
What did you enjoy most when you were a student at Selwyn House? The friendships, the competition, the values. Whether in a book review in English, group experiments in science, or on the field in athletics, competition was often celebrated, and it’s through positive competition and sportsmanship that we may find our best selves.  
Employment Information
Company: Lightspeed HQ - Golf
Profession: Sales Development
Hobbies and Interests: 
Sports, news, community, family.... A little weekend barbecue after 18.