Rodney Moore '58

Director since 2021
What did you enjoy most when a student at SHS House?
Friendships (some still flourishing after 60+ years).

Three years at SHS before a move to Ottawa and three years at Ashbury as a day-boy. Then two at a school in England near Oxford preparing for four "A" level exams; then three years as an undergraduate at Oxford (Keble College), for an Honours B.A. in Jurisprudence, later becoming an Honours M.A.; before a year preparing for Bar exams at the Inner Temple in London.

Various positions and postings, including 18 months as an assistant to the then-Secretary of State for External Affairs, Mitchell Sharp; postings in Geneva for UN Disarmament work under George Ignatieff; 18 months at Government House (Rideau Hall) reporting to Esmond Butler, the long-standing Secretary to the G-G, Attaché to the G-G, writing speeches for H.E. Mr Roland Michener and becoming also his Press Secretary, ditto for M. Jules Léger for the start of his term. March 1974 - July 1977 as Assistant Press Secretary to The Queen, the Prince of Wales's Office as his full Press Secretary accompanying him on trips in the UK and also to Australia and Fiji, and to Ghana; also with Princess Anne to the other half of Australia in a different year, and occasionally going with The Duke of Edinburgh to events in London or arranging a major TV interview before the great 200th-anniversary visit of HM with The Duke to Washington in 1976.

Resigned from External Affairs in 1980 to take up a position for eight years in the Government Affairs Department of the  Arabian American Oil Company (Aramco) in Jeddah and later at the Dhahran company on the Arabian Gulf.

Hobbies and Interests:
Extensive walking; reading the Times Literary Supplement; following world news. Enjoy classical music especially on the French-language radio stations on weekends.

What are your personal goals for this year as a member of the Old Boys’ Association?
I might hope to make a few useful comments from the point of view of age and years of experience, perhaps not more relevant to today than anything someone half my age could say, but years do add a perspective to life that is surprising even to the one perceiving how much change does occur when decades add up.