Evan Sequeira '08

Director since 2020
What are your personal goals for this year as a member of the Old Boys’ Association?
Given the circumstances of this year, my goal is to help our team come up with creative solutions to engage the old-boy network in a virtual setting. 
What did you enjoy most when you were a student at Selwyn House?
The competition. 
Employment Information
Company: TorQuest Partners
Profession: Private Equity 
Title: Director
Specialty or Expertise: Still unsure
Education Information
Queen’s Universtiy, 2014 - BCom
Hobbies and Interests: Anything with a score, and music. 
List other activities and charitable associations that you are involved with: Capitalize for Kids, Association for Growth, Phillips Exeter Canadian Alumni Network
What interesting places have you worked, lived in or traveled to? This year I worked from my couch - not so much interesting as it is, comfortable.  Travelled / lived in most Central America and Southeast Asia.