Getting real about the world of work

This year, Ms.Montgomery is offering a new option course for Grade 9 students called Mini-Entrepreneurship. The guiding principles for this course are for students to solve real-world problems by partnering with a local business, work in teams to research viable solutions, and then present their findings to an authentic audience (the business owners and executives).

Our first partnership was with CatAround Films ( who presented us with a human resources problem: How to attract and retain millennial employees. Students visited the offices of Cataround Films and then spent a few weeks researching the problem. On April 13, students presented their proposed solutions to Justin Efraim and Michael Reinharz, the owners and founders of Cataround Films.

Our next business partnership will present us with a different, yet still real, problem to solve. This option course will be offered again in Grade 9 and 11 in the 2018-2019 school year. Feel free to contact Ms. Montgomery ( if you would like more information about the class.