Alfie Paoletti’s final game

The Speirs Gym was filled with friends, family and colleagues when Alfie Paoletti coached the last basketball game of his career on April 19.
Alfie will be retiring from Selwyn House in December of this year.
An exhibition game between Alfie’s current Juvenile team and squad of Old Boys drew a large audience of well-wishers and old friends. The play was spirited as Alfie’s current team went up against a gang of Old Boys itching to show their old coach that they still have what it takes.
And they did. Experience paid off as the Old Boys were first on the scoreboard and never let up, finishing with a 15-point lead. Mind you, the old-timers’ bench was quite long, so they always had a fresh string of subs waiting on the sidelines.
After the game, the crowd retired to Coristine Hall for refreshments and tributes, including a couple of “true stories” courtesy of Alfie’s longtime friend and colleague, Marty Boyle.
To watch a highlight reel of Alfie’s final game, click on the video below: