Grade 7 Awards Assembly

The Grade 7 Awards Assembly was held on the afternoon of June 1. Congratulations to all our grade 7 students who displayed exemplary achievement and effort in their first year of Middle School:
Achievement in English Language Arts
Effort in English Language Arts
7-1 Matthew Kapusta
7-1 Davis Zhang
7-2 James Rosenbloom
7-2 Ben Yedid
7-3 Beck Majdell
7-3 William Alvaro
Achievement in History
Effort in History
7-1 Alex Henderson
7-1 Alexander Dafniotis-Bailey
7-2 James Rosenbloom
7-2 Michael Gubitosa
7-3 Sammy Elkas
7-3 Elliott Walter
Writing Awards
QAIS Public Speaking Finalists
7-1 Jack Mclernon
7-1 Russell Reim & Jack Mclernon
7-2 Cole Bonnell
7-2 Mitchell Vineberg
7-3 Thomas Backman
7-3 Elliott Walter & Louis Girard
QAIS Public Speaking
Cole Bonnell – 3rd place
Achievement in Ethics & Religious Culture
Effort in Ethics & Religious Culture
7-1 William Dobson-Park
7-1 Alexander Dafniotis-Bailey
7-2 Michael Gubitosa
7-2 James Rosenbloom
7-3 Elliott Walter
7-3 Samuel Elkas
Achievement in Science
Effort in Science
7-1 Alexander Dafniotis-Bailey & Matthew Kapusta
7-1 Pablo Baratta-Matheus
7-2 Michael Gubitosa
7-2 James Rosenbloom
7-3 Elliott Walter
7-3 Ishan Soni
Achievement in Math
Effort in Math
Ms. Morris:   Michael Gubitosa
Ms. Morris:   Ruben Amar
Ms. Farnell: Louis Girard
Ms. Farnell: Oliver Delplace
Top Scorer in Gauss Math Contest: Davis Zhang
Achievement in Français
Effort in Français
Ben Merhi (Langue régulière)
William Vu (Langue régulière)
William Dobson-Park (Langue enrichie)
Seth Baily (Langue enrichie)
Thomas Backman & Sammy Elkas (Langue plus)
Michael Gubitosa (Langue plus)
Achievement in Géographie
Effort in Géographie
7-1 Ramy Sirhan
7-1 Matthew Kapusta
7-2 Oliver Delplace
7-2 Michael Gubitosa
7-3 Elliott Walter
7-3 Ishan Soni
Arts Awards: Jazz Band
Arts Awards: Drama
Thomas Backman (achievement)
Russell Reim
Michael Gubitosa (effort)
Arts Awards: Debating
Arts Awards: Music & Technology
Term 1:   Mackenzie Blaise
Term 1: Oliver Lin
Term 2: Cole Bonnell
Term 2: Ruben Amar
Chess Trophy: William Dobson-Park for beating the teacher