SHS Hosts New Zealand soccer team

n October 4 and 5, Selwyn House School played host to 24 soccer players and three coaches from Christ’s College, an independent boarding school for boys based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The two teams of student-athletes, in the midst of a North American culture tour, played exhibition games on Thursday, October 4 against the Gryphon Midget and Juvenile soccer teams, beating the Juveniles (3-1) and tying the Midgets (2-2). The Kiwis, between stops in New York City and Vancouver, explored the western side of downtown Montreal and shared a meal with Selwyn’s senior-most soccer players.

Coach Peter Govan, when asked about the overall spirit and energy level of the matches, remarked, “[The] coaches and players [were] much appreciative of a competitive game with exemplary sportsmanship! [You] can’t ask of more at any time—even more so when on tour!”

Physical educator Anthony Lukca added, “The international soccer game—or football match as they would say around the world—paired with a billeting experience, allowed our boys to learn from peers around the world. I can only hope [that] all the boys involved learned as much from each other, as us [we the] coaches learned from each other.” 

Even parents of those who billeted our guests were raving about the experience of sharing their homes with the boys from down under. One parent’s reflection: “It was a pleasure to host them—they were great guests. They even made their beds! The trip was very well organized.”

Selwyn House would like to thank the following boys and their families for their efforts as billeting hosts: Jonah Rosen, Jet Astrologo, Daniel Bergevin, Alessandro Lecavalier, Christopher Denham, Kyle Zitzmann, Joshua Feldman, William Petrecca-Berthelet, Alexandre Latkovski, Matt Avedesian, Klint Crossley-Wright and David Layman.