Grade 5 to St-Bernard!

The grade five boys enjoyed their overnight stay at Saint Bernard on October 25 and 26. Their time up north was filled with lots of outdoor adventures such as hiking, bird feeding/ watching, canoeing (until it became too cold), nature photography and star gazing. To warm up the boys headed to the to the kitchen to help prepare their dinner. They enjoyed cookies and hot chocolate for dessert followed by a visit from a real astronomer. They ended the night hanging around the campfire stargazing or relaxing in their pyjamas in the chalet. Overall, it was a wonderful experience for both the students and the teachers. 

Nous avons eu la chance de pouvoir profiter 
de l'automne au Domaine St-Bernard. La randonnée, le canoe (presque!), la cuisine et l'astronomie: des activités qui nous ont comblés!