Elisii successfully defends Canadian beatbox title

GianCarlo Elisii 2015 has been named Canadian Beatbox Champion for the second year running at the ninth annual national competition, held in Toronto on Nov. 24.
“I am honoured to have been able to retain my title and become a two-time Canadian Beatbox Champion as well as the first-ever Canadian Beatbox Tag-Team Champs with Simon Van Weereld,” GianCarlo said afterward.
“I was hesitant to defend [my title], but definitely glad I did.”
“I’ve had a hell of a year when it comes to beatboxing,” he added. “I’ve had the chance to participate in—and win—my first overseas battle, place in the top 16 in the world, win a solo and tag-team wildcard for the Grand Beatbox Battle, and finally [the championship] this past weekend. I’m really comfortable now calling this the last time I will participate in the Canadian Beatbox Championships, and am confident in the new generation of Canadian beatboxers holding it down for next year’s 10th anniversary.”