Sox and Boxers = 1,000 warm feet

Grade 5 students Ilian Breem Sahraoui (left) and Edward Kovac, along with their schoolmates from Grade 3 and 4, collected approximately 500 pairs of socks for the Sox and Boxers collection to help the homeless.
Joined at Selwyn House by similar activities in Middle and Senior School (where students collected $2,000 in cash for the cause), the “Sox and Boxers” drive is undertaken to help Dans la rue, a Montreal organization founded in 1988 that provides relief for homeless people.
The drive takes place in conjunction with the “24 Hours For The Homeless” activity, where Senior and Middle School students spend the night outdoors in crude shelters that they build themselves the day of the sleepover. Intended to raise awareness of the plight of the homeless, the fifth annual running of the “24-hours” activity took place on November 20.