Science Fair 2019

On Thursday, January 31, our grade 8 students participated in our Middle School Science Fair.  Judges consisted of Old Boys, current faculty and Senior School students, and they were presented with a multitude of subjects and demonstrations.  Many thanks to Ms. Corbie and Mr. Hayeur for their organization, and congratulations to all our winners:

Bronze medal:  Seth Baily, Mackenzie Blaise, Cole Bonnell, Xavier Ferreira, Kaiden Liu Chen Kiow, Jack Mclernon, Christopher Rossy, Ishan Soni, Mitchell Vineberg, Jamie Wiseman

Silver medal: William Alvaro, Ruben Amar, Mikhael Auerbach, Pablo Baratta Matheus, Michael Gubitosa, Vito Guzzo, Aiden Mizrahi, James Sabbagh, Alex Savard, Elliott Walter

Gold medal: Thomas Backman, Oliver Delplace, Matthew Kapusta, Anthony Keramarios, Oliver Lin, Beck Majdell, James Rosenbloom, Ramy Sirhan, Benjamin Yedid