Josh Cohen, ambassador

Josh Cohen (Gr.11) recently acted as Selwyn House ambassador to escort a visiting family around the school. Obviously, he did a great job, because the visiting mother wrote to Josh afterward with the following comments:
“It took a bit to track down your email, but I am so glad to reach out.  
“I wanted to thank you for taking me on such a great tour of Selwyn last Friday. You are clearly a wonderful spokesperson for the school, not only because of your enthusiasm for the programs, teachers and student body, but also because of your candour with things like the weather and Bill 101!  You are also great company. I had a wonderful time. 
“My son laughed at the photo you took of me in the roving math desk/chair, and…all but wants to apply immediately. I hope he can meet you in the coming year when we visit again. He already has a dozen questions for you about your debate team, the DJ room, and the [school’s] house system. 
“I hope the [debating] tournament results were good and that you and your team had a great weekend. Thank you again for taking the time to show me your school. I truly loved it.”
The mother also wrote the following to Director of Admissions Nathalie Gervais: “I wanted to thank you for arranging such a great morning for me, and to let you know what a wonderful school I think you have. Your teachers were all inviting, warm and engaging and the student body visibly happy to be there.  It was such
a pleasure to see.”