Blaise essay wins Montreal bar contest

Mackenzie Blaise (Gr. 8) took First Prize in the 32nd annual “Write for Justice” essay competition sponsored by the Bar of Montréal. Mackenzie won for the stance he takes in his essay on the topic, “What issues do you think will result from the legalization of cannabis?”

Each winner read their essay on stage at a celebration at Complexe Desjardins on April 10, and received a certificate, $200 in prize money, and a copy of Antidote, a spelling and grammar software.

Finalists and winners were also treated to a tour of the Montreal Courthouse. They convened in the Lawyers Lounge, where they got to watch lawyers prepare their cases. The group then met Justice Moore, who led a tour through a criminal courtroom. They visited the research library, the rare book room, and sat in on two active trials—one criminal and one civil. Other stops included the administrative plaza, where judicial stamps are issued, documents registered and processed, bills paid, and so on. The tour ended with a walk though interview rooms, the prisoner exchange dock, the video surveillance headquarters, and a look into the buses and vans used for prisoner transfer. All in all, participants were given a thorough and illuminating tour of the Montréal courthouse.