Unique Canadian guitar visits SHS

On April 10, as part of Selwyn House Diversity Week, award-winning writer and broadcaster Jowi Taylor visited the school to tell students the story of his project called Six String Nation.

As a tribute to the diverse and inclusive spirit of Canada, Taylor commissioned Nova Scotia luthier George Rizsanyi to build a unique guitar made with wood, metal, bone and other historical materials from all across Canada. From wood taken from a school attended by Louis Riel, to a piece of the Stanley Cup hockey ring won by Maurice “Rocket” Richard, every piece of this special instrument tells a story.

In all, the guitar is made from 64 pieces of wood, bone, metal, stone and horn, representing a variety of cultures, communities, characters and events from every province and territory of Canada.

The guitar made its debut on Canada Day 2006. Since then it has been played by many of Canada’s best-known guitarists, including Colin James, Bruce Cockburn, Gordon Lightfoot, Michel Pagliaro and Stompin’ Tom Connors, and has toured every province and territory in the country, delivering Taylor’s message of national spirit and inclusiveness.

In 2015, Taylor received the Meritorious Service Medal from Governor General David Johnston for his work on the Six-String Nation project.