Grade 2 student donates prize money

On June 11, Grade 2 student Anthony Jeon donated to Selwyn House School the $25 prize he won for finishing in second place in this year’s McEntyre Writing Competition. Selwyn House students compete in the McEntyre Competition each year, writing essays on a theme chosen by the competition’s directors. This year’s theme was the many faces of disability. Anthony wrote a piece describing what it is like to be a young boy in Montreal who speaks neither English nor French. It’s a subject close to his heart, because it describes his reality when he arrived at Selwyn House School at the beginning of last school year. To speak to this bright young man today, however, it is instantly clear that that phase of his life is behind him now, and that he understands the philosophy behind the competition. “Peter McEntyre was the Mayor of the City of Westmount from 1969 to 1971,” explains the Westmount website. “He set up a trust fund to support an annual writing competition to encourage young people to think about the idea of community, and to learn more about their own communities.”
In the photo, Anthony is presenting the $25 cheque to James McMillan, Director of Advancement at Selwyn House School.