Career Day returns to Selwyn House

This year, Selwyn House School has brought back its annual Career Day for our Senior School students. 

On Nov. 12, all students got the chance to select from sessions featuring 15 guest speakers from various professions. The speakers represented a talented and diverse group of Old Boys and Selwyn House parents with careers in art, business, law, medicine, technology and more. Career Day will be an annual addition to our Post-Secondary Guidance services, aimed at helping our boys explore all the career options available to them once they graduate from Selwyn House. 
Speakers were: Michael Denham, CEO and President, BDC (Parent of an Old Boy); Susan Doherty, Author (Parent of an Old Boy); John Kardos ’83, VP of Business Development, RMC; Reid Schneider, Co-Founder and Studio Head, Typhoon Studios (Current Parent); Evren Boisjoli 2008, Founder and Post Producer, Outpost MTL; Nic Cabana 2006, Senior Animator, Framestore; Michael Kronish ’86, President and Executive Producer, PHI Studios; Liam Paull ’99, Assistant Professor, Université de Montréal; Edward Garson ’89 Software Engineer and Technology Consultant; Adrian Schauer ’96, CEO, AlayaCare; Trevor Ham ’87, Brand and Strategy Consultant; Justin Vineberg ’88, Partner, Davies, Ward, Phillips & Vineberg; Dylan Jones 2003, Criminal Attorney, Boro, Frigon, Gordon & Jones; Dr. Dino Zammit 2006, Plastic Surgeon, McGill University Health Centre; and Heather Wyer, Senior VP of TV and Digital Sales, Eagle Rock Entertainment (Current Parent).