SHS Debaters 6th and 10th out of 232

Selwyn House debaters Isaac Cape and Jonah Rosen made it to the quarter-finals of the Queen’s University High School Tournament this past weekend, also winning sixth and 10th places, respectively, in individual speaking awards.
The tournament, held on the university’s Kingston campus on January 11 and 12, was a large one, comprising 116 teams and 232 debaters.
The team of Cape and Rosen was ranked fourth heading into the quarter-finals, but the round proved to be something of an upset, with the lower-ranked teams winning and moving on to the semifinals.
“Our Grade 10 teams and Juniors also did very well,” says Debating Coach Jonathan Bracewell. “Special thanks to recent alumnus Josh Cohen for travelling with us and scoring the tournament.” 
"Because of its size and location, Queen’s is one of the most important tournaments on the debate calendar in Canada,” Jonah Rosen pointed out. “To many debaters, this is bigger than the nationals.”