16th Annual Colin No Classic

What the 16th annual Colin No Classic Basketball Tournament lacked in attendance, it made up for in spirit, with 12 Old Boys, guests and staff putting in a lively night on the court in the Macaulay Building.

Players were: Charlie Argue (guest), Gabriel Brassard 2015, Phil Clark 2005, Noah Daoust 2012, Mark Esposito 2005, Michael Grover 2003, Robert Joy 2012, Tim Lane (staff), George Loutochin 2013, Harry Maurovich 2019, Oliver Maurovich 2009 and Brendan Munzar 2005.
Staff members Hal Hannaford, Jaime McMillan, Mary Ann Cloherty, Cindy Morton, Richard Wills, Pete Govan and Mike Maurovich also attended.

Watch a highlight video below: