Homa and Lee top scorers in math contests

“Since the start of the school year, three different math contests have been written,” explains Senior School Math Teacher Samara Sayegh.

On November 20, the entire Grade 10 accelerated math class was set to write the Canadian Intermediate Mathematics Contest organized by the Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing based out of the University of Waterloo in Ontario. 

Due to an administrative error on the part of the university, Selwyn House students ended up writing the senior contest instead. This contest is intended for CEGEP level students. 

“We were able to have them write the Intermediate contest at a later date,” says Ms. Sayegh.
Two Grade 10 students, Markus Lulic Descheneaux and George Adamopolous, elected to enter the senior contest, a testament to their willingness to take on a heightened challenge in the field of mathematics.  

The following student participated in the intermediate contest:Kai Beerworth, Daniel Bergevin, Aaron Fu, Aidan Gertler, Eli Grant, Sebbie Johnson, Dylan Lee, John Pitsas, Matthew Salvati, Sean Szabo, Sean VinhandJack Wang.

Matthew Homa was the school’s top scorer.

On November 7, six students, Ben Kaufmann, Matthew Homa, Kai Beerworth, Davis Zhang (high performance), Victor Deng (high performance).

The school’s top scorer was Dylan Lee.