Senior School

Guzzo first in fencing

Selwyn House Gr. 9 student Vito Guzzo is currently the number-one sabre fencer in Canada. He is also ranked first in Quebec, making him both the national and provincial champion in sabre fencing.
Vito also recently made Team Canada for the Youth Division, and is going off to the North American Cup in Detroit, Michigan March 20-23 to represent Canada in the U-15 men’s sabre competition in both the individual competition and the national team competition, where he will be teamed up with the second-, third- and fourth-placed national sabre fencers from across the country. 
These performances allowed Vito to qualify in the American 2020 Summer National Championships and July Challenge in Louisville, Kentucky. He is starting his Cadet season after spring break to qualify for the Cadet Pan American Championships and the Cadet World Championships, as well as the Cadet European competition in Méylan, France in 2021.  

Vito says he first got interested in fencing when he was much younger and, like all young men his age, he was fascinated by the light sabres in Star Wars. His mother encouraged him to take up the sport and he has continued it off and on ever since. He also says that his height—and the fact that he's left-handed—make him a stronger contender in many matches.