Elementary School

Quarantine by Alexander Crossley-Wright 4B

Who would have believed that a quarter of the world would be told to stay in their homes?
We are living in times where COVID-19 has forced people to avoid social interaction to stop 
the spread of a deadly invisible enemy. People have talked about this being a war, but to 
be fair it is a war where we have to simply stay at home and not go into armed combat 
like my great–grandparents in the Second World War.
People's lives are being lost from this virus, and the heroes  are scientists, doctors, nurses, postmen, the supermarket staff, reporters and police. It’s good to see several Formula 1 engineers have got together on Skype and designed and engineered more ventilators, which are  really needed  in hospitals around the world.
We should also think about people's mental health during quarantine and lockdown. Not
everyone is lucky to have gardens and backyards. They might be stuck in a small apartment 
with a lot of people and could cause lots of arguments and problems.
What we do know is that this will come to an end. It’s a bit like when my parents drive the car and I say, ”Are we there yet?” and they reply “Soon.” I am positive!